Can this be done with WordPress?

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What I want to create is a CMS in WordPress that will do this:

Tabs across the top of page are individual pieces jewelry you can customize with a graphic.

Sidebar categories are the graphics.

The goal is for the customer to be able to select any graphic to go on any piece of jewelry.

The customer needs to be able to:
1.Click on the tab at the top to select the piece of jewelry they want to create.
For this example the earring tab was selected.
2.Next they will be taken to a page where there is a picture of a blank earring template at the top of the page.
3.They can then browse the sidebar categories for the design they want to have on their earrings. When a graphics category is selected from the sidebar, the selection of graphics will come up on the bottom half of the page.
4.They would then click on a graphic from the lower portion of the page and it would appear on the blank earring template at the top - either by clicking the template or by drag and drop.
5.If they want to purchase their design, there would be an "Add to Cart" button on the top of the page next to the earring template.
The Header, sidebar categories, and tabs across the top would remain the same on every page.The home page would have pictures of people wearing the jewelry

I want to use wordpress because I am familiar with it's basics and I can create a new page and add categories very easily. I have over 2,000 designs to list and I don't want to pay a designer to do that tedious work. I'll also make frequent graphics additions and want to take care of that myself. I will probably need to pay a designer to get it set up or at least have templates built.

I really appreciate any suggestions or ideas or comments whether this is beyond what can be done with wordpress. I'd also love to hear any better Ideas for setting up this site.

I've included a link to a picture of a very rough draft page to give an idea what I am talking about.
Maureen M.
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    No, at least not without some major programming. That is usually done in Flash.

    Wordpress is a great platform, but if you're going to sell products, go with a shopping cart. Zen cart is a free platform. Magento is up and coming, but is not mature enough that it has all the extensions that Zen does.

    Without getting into a true Flash product builder, you could get the same effect with Zen by using each design as an option for the product.
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