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I am working on my site and trying to improve it day by day but one problem i am facing that whenever i see a nice website i compare with mine and it triggers me to change my layout. so i need some feedback where i can justify myself what people say about it.

Site - http://www.digitaldevnet.com

I am trying to target or achieve sending traffic to amazon so i can earn something
but i am confuse about niche, I am not sure whats my niche but still am targeting people who want to develop digital banner campaigns as i am good in it doing banners and animation

audience i am looking for startups or small business owners where i can help them and i can earn something in return so i can quit fulltime job and be my own boss! (my dream)!

Well, you might be thing do i am expertise to be that.
Something about me, from high school am doing good in design and earn some certificates
later move into small production house where i worked as nonlinear video editor, start doing animations and build website. Meantime i work on my 3D skill as something 3d logo required in videos. Luckly, I got job as 3D designer and move into another creative dimension. I worked few years as designer and develop my interest in online game development. I develop some stuff and got job as developer. Now I develop stuff for digital agency as programmer but my interest in things not stopped and learning from digital agency I am into digital marketing. I got certification in digital marketing, however, I am trying my best to move into digital project manager position which sound very difficult but achievable.

I am trying to build my stuff online where I can start something of my own but u need to earn something to be somewhere in a position. Well, I am looking for feedback for my site.
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  • It looks nice to me but if there were some pictures came one after another in home page then it would have looked even better.
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    Your site structure looks clean. But I got 2 issue from the Homepage.
    1st: The logo placement. You've placed the logo into the homepage header image. It's really hard for anyone to understand. If you placed the logo on the left side from the menu, then it will look more awesome.

    2nd: The sticky menu is not placed perfectly. Try to move this at the top of the page.

    Except this two issue everything is perfect, I think.

    Wizard of WordPress, SEO and Marketing @ jeweltheme.com.

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      You are very right, actually i want to get subscribers for my site so i added hero subscription panel so i put the sticky menu down.
      and i really dont like big image and logo but i am struggling to customize these tweenty seventeen theme. Thanks for your feedback, i will fix it in sometime.
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    Your content may be good as is, but a little keyword research and integration can have a big impact on search engine rankings and traffic. Scan through your content and pick out the main topics covered in your post. Plug those terms/phrases into Google Adwords' free keyword suggestion tool. Take note of the most popular search terms and variations in phrasing and wording. Go back to your content and try to beef up your post title, content, meta description and tags with those popular terms/phrases.
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  • You just need a new blog theme to solve your issue. My suggestion would be to let me show you a couple examples. One of the blog themes that I've used recently is for wmpmagazine.com. Just like Syed said, You just need a couple pictures to make it really stand out.
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