How much should i charge to build wix websites?

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Hi Everyone,

I need some advice on pricing my web design.

I have been learning web design for over 10 years now. Now things have moved on from coding to (Drag & Drop) softwares i have moved onto that.

Can anyone help me how i should price for a website design on (Wix) ?
Do i charge hourly or as a whole package price from the get go?

Also what if someone wants you to continue to edit the website do you charge for this in the offer or seperately as they are paying for the design

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    Here's the easy way to do this.

    Go find out what your top 10 competitors are charging and charge the average of the top 3.

    Google Build my wix site, wix web design companies etc. I'm sure you know your own keywords.

    Then, write truly great copy for your sales letter that shows why you're different and what benefits only you bring to the table.

    Have a great day
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    My first question would be who is your ideal customer? Are you marketing yourself towards general population, business owners, local business (in your town), in your country, online clients?

    This is crucial.

    And saying 'anyone that will buy a website off me' is in my opinion is too broad, knowing who your customer will be will define so much of your business structure.

    Once you know your target audience then as Enfusia said look at your competitors in that same target area and get some pricing off them.

    Place value on your time and price accordingly.

    I can bang out a Wordpress site in 3-4 hours (2-3 pages) with the client providing most of the content. I usually charge $600-$800 for a basic site. I offer a maintenance agreement of $40 per month for which I backup the site weekly (this is done automatically but they don't know this) and offer to do 2 updates per month in the form of submitting a blog post they provide or minor content changes of 150 words or less (again they must provide content). My target audience is local businesses.

    I don't do this full time anymore as my business is focused elsewhere but I still maintain a few clients and still acquire the occasional new client via word of mouth.

    Hope this helps. Please feel free to ask me any questions.
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      Thank you so much. This was really good information, i have a huge passion for making websites but i never really set up a pricing list as i didnt know what to charge people. Well i was thinking my target audience would be musicians (as i am a artist/music producer) also not sure if its a good choice for an audience but i am trying to go for something i know a lot about. And of course local businesses on the side to.

      Of course i can do websites for other audiences or businesses but i do agree with you on narrowing down my audience. Also thank you for the pricing, this was really helpful.

      Thanks man
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  • Don't charge hourly. That locks you in and punishes you if you are fast, efficient, and are good at what you do.

    With that out of the way...

    Here's a piece of advice I got once, and it served me well for years:

    Find out what others charge. Charge 10% less than the highest amount you happened to spot. Either that, or charge based on the value you bring to the table.
    Pay one time for design
    Pay ongoing for support

    Best wishes
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    Register on freelance sites like Elance ,Odesk etc and see how much people charge for this make relationhip there and people will give you information
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    try going on freelancer or upwork and get quotes on your competitors to see what they are charging.
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