Want to convert my desktop website into a "responsive" website

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Does anyone know of a simple way to do this that isn't a monthly service? I just want to take my website, make an exact copy of it, but have it shrink down to a cell phone or tablet. Or is the only real way to create a new site and copy and paste each part?

Thanks in advance!

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    Hi Kevin,

    Unfortunately there is no simple way to do this. If your website is in pure html then it would be cheaper to make it in an already premade responsive template. If not then you would have to hire someone like me to convert the entire website into all responsive devices.

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    You need a responsive web design for your website. For this bootstrap and html responsive designing need to be done. For this you can hire a professional web designer to create responsive design. Now, a days Google and other search engines boost ranking of the responsive websites.
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    I agree with the other responses.

    The best way is to get a responsive website made. Mobile devices will use different CSS classes and sizes for the layouts and thus making it mobile friendly.
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    If your site made by bootstrap, so it default responsive. But if your site made by not bootstrap, so don't worry, it has a better solution. I will recommend to you, please use "css media query" for make your site fully response and mobile friendly. It's a cool method.

    Please take a look, why necessary responsive or mobile friendly site:
    1. 60% of all site traffic is from mobile devices
    2. 80% of customers regular use mobile phone to shop online
    3. 55% of social media user on mobile
    4. Responsive design site support all size screen devices
    5. Also provide a better user experience

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