Problems transfering Word document formatted in Word Office 2010 to WordPress

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I am using Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 for my Word documents. I am trying to transfer a carefully formatted document over to my new WordPress blog. However, the WordPress setup appears to be "ignoring" the format. Every word comes out in one single font and size. In addition, the only conversion tool appearing on the WordPress page is the "Paste As Text" icon. There is nothing available for "Paste As Word." I tried the mammoth .docx converter plugin but that hasn't worked. My Office document is saved as a simple Word Document, and I am totally out of ideas. Any assistance will be appreciated...
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    If I understand you question correctly. You have written a post in WORD and want to place this onto you Wordpress site. The first problem is that MicroSoft Word is formatted and Wordpress will strip out it's formatting. It only uses html format. So if you want to format your own post you will have to create it in a text editor, like notepad, sublime text or ide like visual studio. I hope this makes sense.
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    Actually, its a little known fact that Microsoft Word documents are just packaged html files. Give Pandoc a go and let me know how it works out.
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