What do you guys think about my website?

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What do you guys think about my new website design any creative/constructive advice or ways to improve it?
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    Responsive Issue.

    Desktop Presentation.

    Image text is not readable.

    You can improve color presentation also. Its not so professional in my opinion.

    Hope, that helps.

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    I think that your website should make more trust by a professional look. Is many low price WordPress templates looking more professional and better responsive.
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  • Right now when I open the homepage I see "Two ways to save: Fre shipping ..." and I wonder: save what? and ship what? ... I suggest add a title & tagline that explains what the website is about, like:

    Durable oil
    Buy extra durable oil for your car.
    So that ____.

    Maybe also explain *why* do that, because many car owners might not know why that'd be a good idea? That's why I added the "So that ___" line.

    Currently the "Durable oil" title is only visible in the upper left corner in a fairly small font, and anyway with out a tagline that explains, I wouldn't have known if you meant "oil" literally, or maybe in some other way.

    Maybe exlpain what AMSOIL is? Otherwise some people won't understand what this means: "Advanced AMSOIL technology".

    I hope this feedback is useful to you :- )
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    It's not the best website I've ever seen, but can be good enough for your target audience. Compare it with your competition. If it's "similar" - it may be OK - people like things they know, including website design.
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    Improve your website presentation i.e. colors contrast, include proper info in it.
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    I think, your site still need more professional and eye-catching look. So it will good for increase your selling.

    What can you do?
    Go to alexa site info website and search your competitor similar website. Then you can match and understand about your site quality.

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