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Would you prefer to pay monthly or a percentage of your earns?
Also, if you could change anything about upwork and freelancer what would it be?
What would your ideal freelance/job post board website be like?
I would like to build something that benefits freelancers not just people who are looking for cheap $5 labor. Millions of people are paying thousands of dollars for college to learn a skill just to be low balled by people who don't understand this. If you were to find a dream freelance website, what would it have to make you join and what would you want from existing sites.
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    I prefer to pay monthly because if I earn a lot of money I have more money

    I will want to find in this service the best freelancers. Good work and trust as employer.

    As a freelancer I will want have advertising panel.
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    How many new threads are you going to start on this same subject?

    Give people time to answer your question. You are asking the same questions - but you give no information about your qualifications to start or run a freelance site.

    Do NOT start a new thread to do that - you can post your experience, etc in this thread.
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    Kay King, calm down little buddy. I'm new to the website and I'm still figuring out how things work on here.
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    I would not subscribe to a freelance platform that took a percentage of my earnings. I've been using Upwork for several years and for the most part, I'm happy with their platform.

    I would be willing to try other Freelance platforms.
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      Does Upwork not charge you on a sliding scale of %5-%20 on your gigs? That percentage comes from your earnings, correct?
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    I was responding from someone that hires freelancers on Upwork. They do tag on a 10% fee now.
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