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Hi all,

What does .aspx, .asp, .php, .html mean? Why we use this?

Thanks in advance
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    AddType will add Content-Type to the HTTP header-this is necessary for the browser to show the PHP source code as text, rather than trying to save it. It's easier and easier to write AddType text / plain ...

    Also, you do not know all the extensions that may be associated in the future with PHP, so your solution is unreliable - if one extension is missed, then this is a vulnerability. It's safer to turn off PHP:
    php_flag engine off
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    I have describing very easy language...

    1. html, css, js, bootstrap etc. for web design language.

    2. php, mysql, ajax, aspx, asp etc. for web development language.

    So what is design and development?

    Webdesign: If you want to show a website layout from png, jpg, psd files to browser with content like text, images, links, colors, videos so you need to first design.

    Development: Then if you want to create that design admin panel for easily change its content also connect with server so you need to development.

    So design is a static stats and development is a dynamic stats of website.

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    ASP, PHP and HTML are all programming language used to develop and design a website.
    ASP- Active Server Pages
    PHP- Hypertext Pre-processor
    HTML- Hyper Text Markup Language

    And, .asp, .php and .html are all extensions that denote the particular web page is made in which language.

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    All of these extensions are web developing programming languages. these helps in designing and framing these web pages. I have also written an article about these languages, you can find a detailed info here
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    i think this questions have been answered, no need for more answers just to push your stats guys..
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