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I am building a website and would like to cover 3 topics (niches) and promote products on the same.
1. Making money online
2. Fitness and healthy style life
3. Self/personal development
How would one go about building such a website? Or would it be better to pick just niche?

Your advice will be highly appreciated
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    Yes, it's better to pick just one niche!

    Self development and fitness might go hand in hand to some degree, but making money online is a totally different thing!

    You will confuse your audience. You may get visitors that are already fit and just want to make money online, or you may get people who already have enough money and just want to get fit.

    So better to choose a very specific niche first. Even Fitness is not specific enough. A good example would be: "stay-home moms who want to lose the weight they've gained after their second child" or "50 years old man who want to gain muscle for the first time" ...and so on.
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    Hi, GeorgeGi .
    I think you could accomplish all of your goals, but it will cost time . My idea is to have a site that combines two things: well written articles and e-commerce part, where all your products will be listed. You should make a lot of strong and relevant articles on the theme "Fitness and healthy style life". The content should be yours, not copied from other sites. In other words you should make a strong brand and give a word to the world by using the social platforms - facebook, twitter and so on. You should have two important sections in your articles as long as the text : How did I do that?- where you could share you personal experience and a product section with relevant products with images and links to your e-shop. So, in this way you could accomplish all your goals. I think that unique content shared from your point of view will be the value of your business. Last but not least, you should make an excellent social profiles for your business and try to keep them live as long as your site. You will be surprised how many followers from the social platforms will become your real customers
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    It is best to share these topics. They have little connection with each other. And if you develop separately, then you will dial three times more audience
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  • I think you have to focus on SEO, SEM and Social Media Marketing. It will helps you to improve your traffic on your website
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    I think that your site should focus on one specific sub niche. Let your site be an authority in that area. Consider a sub niche where you think you could create a lot of quality content about it.
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    Better choose one niche as it was already advised and do it well than lose your time for so many topics. And don't forget to make a good design for your website. You can find UX examples that will suit exactly your website. Good luck!!
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      Thank you for your sound advice, much appreciated.
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    Hello, very soon I'm thinking of starting a new business, a online sales of phone accessoires. For this I will need a website. Can you recommend me where I can do this. I dont have a very large budget. Thank you in advance!
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      How many pages does your site have? Is it an online store? What is your budget?
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    My suggestion is to check the services of "Follol". There you can make a completely free site. There are free themes and allows you to use much more stuff than other companies. They also have very good maintenance and service. I am very pleased with them.
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