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What are the best sources to find quality WordPress themes?
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    There are some fine lines in the sand here.... #1 defining "Quality" is kinda hard.

    There are actually a multitude of levels of programming with themes... you have the top layer that is absolute core based.. you find this with themes that are created by "Wordpress" and "WooCommerce" and next would be child themes from those platforms. After that you have a degrading scale of programming, and even different platform bases at play.

    How to know what you are getting isn't so easy... aside from getting Wordpress and WooCommerce authored themes.

    The same principles apply to plugins.

    An why does any of this make a difference? Its all about the updates. Wordpress created themes.. naturally have the most compatible updates... WooCommerce falls a quick second, and from there depending on the Authors ability to meet the requirements of all these updates is how it all falls into place.

    So think for a moment a theme.. then woocommerce then say 15 other plugins... Wordpress releases an update.. you can actually have downtime in function on your site until each and every one of those 17 working pieces meet the programming requirements of the initial wordpress update. often times Before some of the plugins can catch up there is yet another update that is released adding insult to injury.

    I personally do a fair bit of plugin authorship. There has been more than a few times that I have had to scrap projects due to the removal of programming elements ( Hooks ) by wordpress.

    About 2 years ago Wordpress did a pretty major core change and Jetpack ( as an example ) was in real danger of having to be scrapped.. I think it took them something like 3 months to develop work arounds - and that was just for the security issues... it really hasn't been until recently that they have recovered from that point and caught up to current standards.

    So knowing this... "Quality" in my book are themes like "Store Front" or "Mystile" are my preferred themes. Themes made by Kadence... and for the most part Elegent themes. You wander off to Theme forest, and to be absolutely honest.. its a crap shoot. I would say the only reason they are selling there specifically is because they do not meet the requirements to be listed on Wordpress.
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    Template monster, theme forest are good source.
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    hello members! want best quality WordPress themes?? If you find some free theme then I suggest you go to I find the best quality theme from this site. Or if you find the premium theme then I suggest you
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    Originally Posted by DURABLEOILCOM View Post

    What are the best sources to find quality WordPress themes?

    Well it;s not about just finding WordPress themes, it is about finding the theme with built in functions from a major theme builder, like built in shopping cart, built in slideshow, built in payment center, built in email system and much more,

    So as you can see, it not just about the theme, it is about what your building then choose theme that has what you need.
    Thanks Rob
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    I 'll recommend Theemon and Themeforest for best Wordpress themes.
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    Which are the most professional theme seller websites, which sites should I avoid?
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    Yes, this is a great question! So I'm like to share some website name there you can find out high quality any type WordPress themes and plugins.

    Here are...

    1. ThemeForest
    2. Elegant Themes
    3. Mojo market
    4. StudioPress
    5. WooThemes

    So search those marketplace and enjoy their themes and plugins.
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    You can try the Themeforest, I always buy themes here. Because Themeforest offers a large collection of premium WordPress themes neatly organized in categories and easily searchable.
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    To have more control over your theme without having to code, I'd recommend you to take a look at page builders too, as I'm creating all the pages using them.
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    ThemeForest is my favorite for low cast but high quality paid themes. I tend not to use free themes, as they generally seem to be of lower quality in my experience.
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    Try using jojo themes , theme forest and colorlib
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    There are many sources though which you can find quality word press themes like, MOJO marketplace, Themeforest, Elegant Themes, CSSIgniter, StudioPress etc. These WordPress theme marketplaces try their very best to showcase the best WordPress templates suitable for different kind of businesses, blogs, and other websites. And even I have a list of some famous WordPress cross-browser Compatible themes. that will make your website or webapp look more attractive.
    • Spoons | Multipurpose WordPress Theme
    • Synergia - A Multi-Concept Theme for Digital Agencies and Startup
    • Kaiser - A Creative Portfolio WordPress Theme
    • Karion - Construction & Building WordPress Theme
    • Kalόs - A Clean Multi-Concept Portfolio Theme
    • Start It - Technology & Startup WP Theme
    • Santos - Modern Multi-Purpose Theme
    • Moresa - Business WordPress Theme
    • Beratung - Multi-Purpose Business & Consulting WordPress Theme
    • Invxtassy - Finance and Consulting WordPress Theme
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    One main question about WordPress themes is how hard is it to take a pre made theme and customize certain aspects and features?
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    colorlib, envato provide quality wordpress themes. You can search by this keyword.
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