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Our company is wanting to give our brokers/agents (sales force) the ability to have a replicate website of our main site but have their contact information and picture on the site and then when a lead enters their information the broker or agents get notified.

MLM software is not what we need because we are not an MLM company.

We are a boutique that needs to give a select few referring agents the ability to have their own website and landing pages but their contact information somewhere on the pages.

So for example, if a website visitor went to a URL like this...

Then it would show Jame's picture and contact information on the site and if someone filled out the form then that lead would be associated to that agent or broker.

I've thought about using an MLM software so our sales team could have their info and track referrals, but again, we're not an MLM program or even an affiliate program.

We basically need to make it so that if someone comes to the site without an agent ID then the lead goes to the company directly, however, if an agent drives traffic to their site and a lead enters their information, then they should get notified and have the lead assigned to them (the agent) and not go to the company directly.

The agents are independent agents where the company needs to provide compliant marketing materials for our brokers/agents.

Does anyone know of what plugin stack would work for that?
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    Hey Tony,

    Take a look at WPMUDEV, their prosites and templates plugin for multisite. This could help you get started

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      Multisite wouldn't do the trick because that means if I needed to make a change in one place it wouldn't replicate throughout the network unless the change I made was within the template itself.

      So if I had 3,000 sales members that's a ton of work.
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    Sales agent management software (SAMS) is an software for calculating sales build with PHP, MySql (Codeigniter frameworks). SAMS works generaly three types of people such as Admin, Agent and User. Admin who can manage all things, creating Agent, user, take controll all over product and category. Admin also can manage all of order and invoice.
    SAMS using ajax when fetching all of data from server, so page load only which data needs and depends your request , so application is so fast.
    SAMS is ideal for Sales product base on commission, currently has four commission System.
    Admin Commission
    Agent Commission
    User Commission and
    Referral Commission
    Commission will add to your account every time when product will sell.
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