Need some help with wp theme for e-commerce store

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Hello warriors,

Recently I purchased a plugin which is a comparison price engine,
Installed one of their packed themes which comes with it,
but the appearance generally is not really displaying appropriately as a professional e-commerce store with product categories, easy to use and gives the best shopping experience to the visitors, as I noticed the imported items display like this :
Is not as the default - the store as my default home page,
as well seeing the developer details in the footer section, full name and website, with the trade mark of All rights reserved.

I'm not sure about what or how to do with this installed theme?
How to edit and customize all features?
or how remove the footer section? is possible?

but I will never do any illegal or unethical action to breach the rights of the developer or anyone else,
could it be a better option to purchase a professionally designed and fully responsive theme for e-commerce store and get it installed then get started?

Kindly advise and share your recommendation accordingly,
where to get the best options for the best responsive and easy to customized e-commerce themes? looking for a quality of products as well as a good quality of support,
because whenever we buy some product from certain seller with out good support, everything will be turned down,
Thanks a lot in advance and looking for your soonest feedback!
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