How are you web designers making money these days?

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First things first:

I'm not a web designer.

...But even I can see that it's becoming reaaally easy for businesses to build their own websites these days.

There's "drag and drop" software, services like, and CMSs like Wordpress, Drupal, etc. Even if you're technophobic, there are really cheap services to get help, like Fiverr, etc.

Seems that the market for web design is being taken over by all these very cheap easy-to-use options...

...So how are you web designers staying in business?

Are your clients asking for really special technical stuff that they can't handle themselves?

If so -- like what?

No offense. I'm just curious about this. I built my own website and it turned out pretty well, so I'm curious why everyone doesn't do it.

Thanks in advance for your insights.
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