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Let me start by saying, this sounds "crazy".

My wife is thinking about having an online selling platform for a specific niche of antique products that she knows very, very well. She was asking me how hard this would be to setup. I was like yeah, are you crazy? So a site where you allow sellers to sell this niche product line and charge a small fee to have a seller account as well as a very small fee for items sold.

There are many other sites like this, but for a large range of products. Obviously ebay, etsy, rubylane, etc come to mind. Thinking about it, not sure it's doable for me unless there is a theme or template that I could start with and build from. I am in the technology industry, but this feels overwhelming.

Clearly this type of venture would require a lot of time and funds to start with. Would need the ability for sellers to create an account, have their own store front with inventory management, payment options for buyers, calculate fees, etc. I am sure this is just scratching the surface.

The more I think about what is involved, the more I am thinking she may want to think about something else.

Any thoughts you have would be appreciated.
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  • What I know is content marketing works very good than anything else out there and it's the best way to test if things are going to work:
    1. Do niche research,
    2. Set up a website
    3. Write targeted content optimized for SEO and humans. Remember to write about only your products.
    4. Set up the store and do product reviews to help visitors understand why they should buy your gadgets.
    5. If content marketing is working well, you can move onto paid ads and use Facebook for example to boost your posts,...

    90K words worth of website's content is a starting point to start getting consistent traffic. If you have enough capital, you outsource this content and have it written within one month only or so.
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    So I did find a wordpress plugin that appears to do a lot of what my wife wants to do with the selling platform. Anyone have a history with the plugin below?

    WordPress WooCommerce Multi Vendor Marketplace
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    You could buy a marketplace Wordpress theme on Themeforest. That way you can use the theme developer to help you figure out whatever you need to do to get up and running.

    Here's an example theme, Makery.

    The popular themes usually have really good/active support. They also have comments on each theme sales page that you can browse before/after buying a theme.

    Create a free themeforest account and start asking developer/s questions.

    Some developers will also freelance on the side If you need custom help that's not covered in the product/theme sales page.

    BTW, themeforest is very picky about who they allow to sell on their site which is good for buyers (quality products/service).
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    Will you consider offering free your antique products in exchange for a post/review by an influencer?
    If you have that in mind, then you must check out the platform called Phlanx.

    In fact, I also posted on the product trials of phlanx which is free
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      Not sure I would be able to do that. This online selling platform would be comprised of various sellers who create their own store pages to sell their antique items.
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    I was reading this earlier, Stripe (Stripe Connect) offers a service for marketplace websites.

    Platforms at scale
    Do you expect your platform to process more than $150,000/month? Reach out to discuss volume pricing for large platforms.

    Low volume accounts
    If your platform includes accounts that regularly receive a small monthly payment volume, contact us to discuss alternative pricing options
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