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Hey guys, I need a website feedback. Please comment what you think of this website :
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    Hi there,

    I have checkout your website! Which CMS belonged to it?

    Honestly, the site is NOT visitors attractive, you should redesign it to boost visitors engagement else site's lost traffic.
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    I think the OP asked for particular feedback.
    I would suggest:
    1. Images at the beginning of the page as well.
    2. Spell out CPR in a headline in the beginning.
    3. Move down "See the calendar below to "click" on a class and register for a CPR Class, Training or Certification" to just above the calendar.
    4. Write an introduction at the beginning of the page that invites the reader to participate in the program, and how it can benefit them.
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    1. Logo is blurry
    2. Sort out hierarchy of copy. Heading titles are largest, then subtitles then copy. Your text is a mixture of different sizes in the wrong order and different colours.
    3. Instead of using red to pick out information try to use bold. You usually use a different colour to highlight a 'link' or a few keywords not to emphasize whole sentences of text. The rest doesnt make me want to read the text even more - I get the point of highlighting - but the colour red is quite harsh to the eyes especially on white.
    4. Navigation footer - look okay!
    5. On the homepage you need spacing in between the content to separate it out. Check out this website for some useful modern day styling tips: https://uxplanet.org/common-webpage-...s-59eed9831bd7
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    I have seen the website.Few points to be noted here

    1. Text font need to be bigger a bit.
    2. Logo is blur.Make it clear because Logo says a lot about your brand.
    3. Home page is not that organised to give a appealing look.
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    Your website is good but your website logo is small at all thing is good please keep it your work than you are given your best.
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