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Hi Guys

Can anyone recommend a good site/book/training program to learn how to use WP for a complete newbie whos never used it before?

Also to include loading and using via Cpanel in a way thats understandable. I love computers and can pick things up reasonably fast but like to start off in real layman's terms.

Reason being that I've paid for people to create websites for me, but I've had some bad experiences so would like to take control myself. I bet its a great sense of achievement too when you've completed your first site.

many thanks in advance

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    You may want to start from Main Page WordPress Codex. In addition you can find answers to almost any of your questions about WP here: WordPress › Support.
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    Start with the Wordpress help pages and see if that helps, if you have any problems figuring it out, Google it. There are tons of people out there that have easy instructions on their own sites about how to use wordpress. If you can just get it installed and start playing around in the admin area you will start to figure things out pretty quickly.

    By logging into your cpanel and going to Fantastico, if you have it, you can do an install in just a couple clicks. Once you get through the process once you won't have any problems doing it again.

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    Hey Steve,

    hehe, I didn't think you were being lazy, I just didn't know of a definitive guide to point you to at the moment lol I learned wordpress just by playing with it and it is pretty easy for the most part but you are right experience is everything so it can be a bit much at first if you have no experience with it. Maybe I should write a wordpress guide hmmmm lol.

    If you need any help figuring it out feel free to PM me and I'll help as much as I can. Just don't be afraid to jump in and play with it, if you mess it up you can always start over.

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    I'd recommend Wordpress for Dummies as a decent overview if you haven't used WP before. You may be able to borrow from the library as it is not a book you'd keep for reference but it is a nice easy to read introduction and has good introductory stuff about making alterations to themes.

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    Hi Steve,

    A few months ago I didn't really know what Wordpress was and in that short space of time I've started to create some sites that look great - even to the point where I'm now creating my own themes. Rather than getting a particular book or tutorial I actually just got Wordpress onto my hosting, found a free theme to tinker with and had a play myself. Every time I was stuck on anything I just googled that particular problem and generally found the solution within a few minutes.

    I did use the actual wordpress support for a bit of information but the best way by far that I found to learn was through getting my hands dirty and having a play; seeing what broke the site and what improved it.

    Good luck with it, I hope you find what works best for you too.

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    learn by your self, do not open the book, when you login in your WP account and then just keep trying, it's my method, if you've problem share here
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    Im a newbie like you and I did what Bex suggested, I have just been downloading test wordpress and then just playing around with the code and things like that, tons and tons of info online, I think you just need some time to play around with it. Good luck.
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      I also agree with what Bex said and give it a go.

      Using Fantastico is good but I would also suggest, whilst you are in learning mode to learn how to install via an FTP client - "filezilla" or "smartFTP" because this helps you to understand the "make-up" of your site and of Wordpress if you like, in a much easier way than Cpanel and fantastico just takes all this out of your hands, so you don't really learn anything - which is great for some for sure.

      However, I have helped a couple of clients now who used Fantastico and because they didn't know what they were doing, something went wrong in the install process and finding out what went wrong is a bit of a pain sometimes, so by all means use it but if you want to learn, also learn how to install yourself so you have half a chance of figuring out what went wrong if something does and if you ever decide to outsource again, it's good to know what you are asking for and have an idea of what to expect.

      I have a site which I need to thoroughly update and as soon as I get the chance I will be doing so (some posts need changing since the update to 2.8) however, there are posts there on how to install yourself and lots of others too which you might find useful, as I said, some parts need updating but here it is if it is helpful.

      Computer and Website Class. Online lessons in an easy to understand format.

      I have also almost finished a free report on installing wordpress which will be on the site in my signature link once it is finished. If you want the report it will register you to my mailing list which is simply to send out tips, tricks and mini tutorials and theme updates to any of my clients who purchase themes from me, so you might want to look into that as well.

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    Skip the codex for right now. You'll grasp things quicker with videos then later you can dig into the codex.


    Theming sections and the works.

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