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Let's say I have news related website. Would it be against any copyright rules to use pictures that are all over the web for my daily news articles?? If your answer is yes, How is it that the same picture ends up on many websites or Should I rather ask where do news related websites get their pictures and images from???
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    Generally speaking, you should always request permission to use any images found on the web from the original source. In many cases the images are copyrighted to either the publisher of the photographer.

    I would expect that the images that you are refering to on some news sites, would be displayed illegally... and it's possible that the owner may take action to recoup money from any site that displays them. Depends on the source and whether they feel it is worthwhile to do so.

    News related sites would most likely source from specific sources with which they have an agreement to use the images.

    You could try to do what you intend and accept the consequences if things should turn nasty.

    Every image "belongs" to someone. Whether the owner cares whether the images are distributed freely or not and is prepared to take action for illegal use is up to the individual.

    Realise that in many cases, the news services pay the photographer for the image. The cost depending on what the story is about, if it's a "scoop" these "exclusive use" payments can be quite high. They may object to having the images syndicated freely over the web.


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    Originally Posted by Ehsan_am View Post

    Should I rather ask where do news related websites get their pictures and images from???
    Big-name news sites get them from the AP and UPI. They pay for them.
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    Thanks for the replies.

    What's AP or UPI????
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    Associated Press
    United Press International
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    There is a good site called Shutterstock.com where you can pay 25 cents per download, and you have full rights to these photos.

    Best of luck to you.
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