What E-Commerce platform is the easiest to design/templating? Besides Woocommerce

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Hey there, I want some suggestion, which E-commerce platform is pretty easy to design/template without learning dozens of folder-structures.. I don't like Wordpress tho, so I am more likely looking for others. For example: Shopware is one, that is pretty hard for me to design.
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    Shopify is known to be easy to use and Bigcommerce is also a solid platform.
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  • Other than Shopify and Big Commerce, you can also try Volusion and 3DCart.
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    Besides Woocommerce, there are many eCommerce platforms are available in the market with their pros and cons such as magento, volusion etc. So checkout this resource https://www.warriorforum.com/ecommerce-sites-wholesaling-drop-shipping/1373025-anyone-can-tell-platform-best-creating-online-ecommerce-store.html#post11471912 to find your best ecommerce platform by knowing their pros and cons.
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    I suggest you try out existing solutions like Shopify and Big Commerce make a list of features you need, then start to identify how to design/build each feature moreover It highly depends on your needs.
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    Shopify, BigCommerce, Volusion, 3Dcart,LemonStand, Magento
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    I think Shopify is hands down the easiest and the best platform for starting out in e-commerce, you can put a store up in probably 3 hours and be good to go if you know what you're doing.
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    BigCommerce is the best overall e-commerce platform. Its robust product search engine makes it ideal for larger retail brands. It's also a good choice for people who want to start an e-commerce store, or who have a brick and mortar store and want to expand their operations to include online orders. Its available tools make it possible for any niche or industry to be successful.

    The interface allows you to customize your online shop without having to know how to code by using any of the customizable templates to design your store, sell and market your products. It's aimed at those without so much web dev skills, but it also allows tech-savvy people to tweak the HTML and CSS

    I love BigCommerce themes; you will see advanced and buyer-centric templates in the store, however only very few are free. Two to be exact with variations on both making a total of seven free themes.

    On the fly side, there's a broad community of designers and developers. The partner directory helps you find experts for an extra hand.

    As for pricing, the lowest plan costs 29.95/month. Some goodies like checkout codes, gift cards, unlimited bandwidth, and professional reporting come along. However, you don't get a custom SSL or abandoned cart saver, but it's still really good for simple stores not getting sales worth more than 50k per year. As the plan goes higher, so does the sales limit.


    Flexible and scalable
    Excels with multi-channel selling
    Strong SEO Performance
    Fantastic Theme Designs
    Comprehensive abandoned cart feature


    Inconsistent speeds in consecutive studies
    Gets expensive for high volume stores
    Cart abandonment isn't on entry plan
    No 1-click Selling/Upsells
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    Easy to customize? Shopify
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