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by tmtech
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If anyone would be so kind to provide me with recommendations or advice on my blog

Any advice will be appreciated on:

1. Content
2. Copy
3. Design
4. Ads

I am fairly new to this, but I can tell you I will not be offended at all by your recommendations.

Thanks for your time.
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    Your copy needs work:
    - It reads like articles that have been spun. There's no real point to the posts. They are informational, but not really educational.
    - The posts leave you feeling like there should be something more. Where's the rest of the story? Each should have a clear start, body and end.
    - There's no clear call to action. What do you want the reader to do?
    - Any organic traffic you get is likely to either be dissatisfied with your content, or just not a buyer.
    - The look is OK, but I think you might have better success with a green theme, rather than blue.

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      Thank you for your advice - I really appreciate it!
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    The site is overall good. I like the placement of the newsletter sign-up box. It's clear that that is my next step.

    I think you could be more creative with your blog entries and still maintain key word density. Write an article that I'm going to want to tweet. Something funny, overlooked, or insightful. As a visitor to the site i'm looking for value. Give me something worth my time with your content.

    Hope this helps
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    I haven't changed the copy yet, but I did go ahead and change the theme if you wouldn't mind taking a look here.
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    I like that theme better. Seems much warmer. What I don't like is the music/fanfare/whatever that plays when the page loads. If I was listening to something as I surfed, or had my speakers up when I hit that page and someone else in the room was sleeping, etc., that would be really annoying.
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    I'm not a fan of the text banner at the top with the name of the site-- it looks too "advertisy." Otherwise, I think you've got a great looking design with great content! GOOD WORK!!!!
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      Good point. Very insightful! I just found a copy writer, so I'm going to come fourth with all of these ideas.


      Great point about the music that plays when you first open the page, I agree that it may be a bit annoying and may turn some people away. Hopefully I can somehow figure out how to get rid of the music. :confused:
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