Need some help about website visitors and webpage issues??

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hello experts,
i need some help about website visitors and my web page landing pages issues
currently i have website i got user from USA. i check my google analytics traffic medium it will show user are DIRECT Entry... ok is not problem.. but the problem is visitors are view landing pages like.. " " this is the problem.. i don't have this type of pages... but my daily visitors are view this type of link what is the problem??? can any one help me??
if this is daily occur google will index this type of pages it will decrease my website value and traffic....
i think autoupdater is virus or not???
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    If this page is not available on your website so you have to block this page with robot.txt. I also face this type of issues but then I blocked these type of pages and now I didn't see any visitors on these type of pages. Every business person know how much visitors are important for a website, it will help in business growth but if you want more visitor so you have to properly market your business website
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      Thanks. you saying block this page one page is ok but it have lot of pages autoupdater_nonce=15660455867412.. autoupdater_nonce=15660455867413.. anu much more so what i can do..
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    I think you don't need to worry about it until it happen some time but if this occur every time then you should check your site backend may be someone intruding your site
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    Are you using WordPress? If you are and have an editor open for a long time it means the post/page exceeded the time to automatically save.

    Some analytics will notify you of the message albeit not always. Once you know this it is prudent to always save posts/pages in draft mode if you plan to return to the post/page in work before you exit WordPress.

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    Valuable explanations. I didn't know that something like that cold happens. It is good that you posted it here. Now I know what I should do when it happens to me.
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  • It may be advisable to go through all your website links that you think are infected so that you can run an independent virus check against all those that need to be fixed, there are many tools and software out there.

    I had something similar happen to mine and after some research I found a tool that finds bad backlinks and removed them for me, it was very inexpensive but very effective.

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  • If you have extra pages with long path, and don't want to get crawled by google. Then i would suggest to check with Long path tool software. It will help to remove all your extra files with long urls. Hope this software will help you.
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    This is something that you will need to discuss with an expert developer to know why you are getting visits from a link or page you do not own.
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    it looks like UTM Parameters. you can ignore it. some bots may use these parameters for its own purpose. but it cannot affect your website anyway.
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      It's not an UTM Parameter. UTM parameter is only for tracking purpose
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