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I have gone to many websites that use the CLoudFlare DDOS protection.

I am setting up a website at the moment and a primary source of traffic will be an email that will be sent at the same time each week with the hope that people will get used to getting it and come to the website when they get this email.

This will result in a spike in traffic. While I don't know much about web design / hosting yet I believe this spike in traffic may be enough to make my website 'go down' unless I purchase a very expensive and quite possibly unnecessary hosting plan.

I was looking into CloudFlare as from what I understand this would help with this issue as well as protecting my website if anyone decides to launch a DDOS attack which I believe is quite easy to do and common enough however again this may be overkill for my needs and the delay in people accessing my website may do more harm than good.

Basically I am worried that at various times when I spend a good bit of money on advertising that it will also result in a spike in traffic and when the people come to the website it is down and they don't come back which would be a disaster.

What would be your advise on how to proceed? Thanks.
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