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Adobe Flash was once the dominant for creating all sorts of multimedia content - Internet apps, desktop apps, animations, and embedded web browser video players. Adobe however, announced it will end support for Flash Player on December 31, 2020. Web browsers from the Big Three (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Apple Safari) have all been blocking Flash by default, and most websites now run on HTML5.

Personally, I feel like Flash was too insecure. During the heyday of Internet Explorer 6, Adobe Flash plugins were automatic malware vectors.
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  • I agree. In addition, a big thing was iOS. Since Flash was not useable on iOS, and at the time iOS was the fastest growing medium for consumption, many agencies naturally scaled back on the training.

    On top of that, we have to remember that Flash allowed for animated content to be easily creatable. At first, everyone loved that... until they realised that it really isn't such a big thing and most of it isn't useable. If you look at the top websites today, you will see that most of them have very basic, if any animations.

    With time, it just became clear that people are interested in clean, easy, simple to understand layouts.

    That's my take
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    Perhaps Flash wasn't such a big deal in marketing circles, but back in the day, a large number of people wanted their brochure site made in flash or at least their headers. I know this for sure because I used ActionScript to add interactivity to these websites.

    Flash and its ecosystem were growing until it stumbled with Apple. Fast forward into the future, I still consume flash content in the form of e-learning. Many platforms invested in the future and Flash was then part of this future. Many individuals who were at the cutting edge of flash are now creating rich experiences in HTML5. Everything changes and it's better to adapt than to let change sweep you.
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    It just tells us that the internet is not static. Adobe should not have overstayed in their comfort zone. They should have reinvented Adobe Flash to help it remain relevant.
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    Adobe did kind of reinvent Flash as Adobe Animate and Adobe Air. The Flash browser plugin is what's being abandoned, not the updated authoring tools. In fact, some open-source code exists to make old Flash apps run in JavaScript, which eliminates any vulnerabilities inherent in the browser plugin.
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    How does one stop a subscription to Adobe? Does anyone have the experience of not being to get out of it?

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