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Hello guys,

I'm trying to improve the speed of my shopify store, however i compressed the size of the images, i removed entirely some scripts that were loading in the homepage and yet, the score in Pageinsight and Gtmetrix never seem to change a bit.

Why is that ?

When i tried to hire someone from Fiverr to do the work, all the freelancers say that they don't work with Pageinsight or Gtmetrix, they only use ThinkwithGoogle

So for a shopify store, is it realy possible to reach a high score ? I'm able to achieve that all the time with wordpress sites but with Shopify it's questionable ?

Anyone have an idea on the matter ? I would appreciate it

Thank you in advance
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    Some tips on optimizing your Shopify site speed:

    If you have quick view pop-ups on your store, use them for certain products and not for all products as these pop-ups can sometimes pre-load information from a product page. Use particular tools to find out if customers click on quick view on your store.

    Decrease the thumbnail image sizes especially when you have a homepage carousel. The information on the thumbnail image is also pulled from your product page and the product image may be pulled in a larger size than needed. Shopify's inbuilt image size parameters will help you download the smallest possible image without compromising on the quality.

    Multi-hero image slideshows on your homepage can also create loading speed issues even though they are a great way to showcase your products. Reduce the number of image slides or go for a hero image with a CTA button.
    Cut down on the number of images used overall.

    Minify your codes especially the ones that are redundant or are poorly coded.There are whitespace controlling tags on Shopify that help developers minify codes and facilitate better rendering.

    Check for broken links and too many redirects.

    Check for apps that are not working for your business and remove them from your site. Some of these apps are probably just running in the background and hindering site speed. Based on the page speed test scores on Pageinsight and Gmetrix, you can remove any apps you aren't using. Use this performance report to further analyze issues that need to be optimized.

    Check your competitors' mobile site performance and check the issues there so that you can avoid them on your site.

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