Help with Bluzon Wordpress Theme Please?

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Hi everyone,

Anyone every used the Bluzon Wordpress Theme? I came across it the other day and instantly loved it. Unfortunately, I installed it on my blog but keep the error message below close to where the comment button is meant to be.

Fatal Error: Only Variables Can Be Passed By Reference In /Home/Dynam30/Public_html/Smartdogstraining/Wp-Content/Themes/Bluzon/Functions.Php On Line 486

Anyone one able to help with this please? I have no clue about programing. Please, visit my website Smart Dogs Training Secrets - Smart Dogs Training Secrets - Get Tips, Videos, Guides, & More to Help Train Your Dog TODAY! to see for yourself. BTW, the website is still under construction so still have quite a bit of work to do on it.

I look forward to getting help.

Cheers guys!
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