Does your website have an accept-cookies option?

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I see this on almost all website I visit. Should you have one?

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    In my website, there is no cookie option.
    Cookies are delicious baked treats, but they're also a computer file that's becoming increasingly important to your life.

    The most basic version of a cookie is a very simple text file on your computer.

    When you visit a website that uses cookies, a cookie file is saved to your PC, Mac, phone or tablet.
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    Not yet, It's not added to my website, but we will add soon, as it is required to store the data of any user.
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  • Do you need to have this pop up telling your visitors about your cookies policy or is optional?
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    My website is mostly just my portfolio and I send it to people who ask for it. There's no need to save any cookies, at least for me.
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    You need to be selective about which Web sites you allow to give you a cookie. Cookies are not really a threat for viruses or malware, but you may feel for example that tracking your visits to certain Web sites or having them remember your login information compromise your privacy.
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    Depending on your location and that of your website audience, you need to comply with privacy policy related to storing user information. If you do store or collect user information and / or your website is within the jurisdiction of country or state (eg: California, US), you have to implement cookie notice & privacy policy to comply with the local laws.

    Originally Posted by floorsandingdublin View Post

    Do you need to have this pop up telling your visitors about your cookies policy or is optional?

    Some jurisdiction such as EU & California (US) have laws governing website tracking and user information. Hence, such pop-ups or prominent display is mandatory if the website is under the jurisdiction of such countries / areas. It's not optional such a scenario. Failing to do so can lead to legal trouble.
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    It's an EU requirement to inform users that the website uses cookies.
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    You have to do a Privacy-Policy page where you can write about cookies. Other things as popups and messages are optional
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    No, it's not compulsory for all the websites. But if you are collecting any user data then it's advisable for the website to have it.
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    Yes, I see these cookies pop up after visiting on some websites.
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