Can anybody teach me or help me make a website?

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hy buddies, while surfing the internet I found an article where the author explained that they are making a hell of money through their single site that attracted me to build one for myself.

I am a big tennis fan so I think if I make a tennis website I can do wonders. So I decided to create a tennis website and I would like to make money through the affiliate system.

I have a little writing experience as well so I can write tennis articles but the problem is I know nothing about making a website and how to manage it. Can anybody help me make a website?

(links not permitted in posts) - I am super excited to take my basic tennis experience to a higher level while earning some money to stay motivated .

Hope I would find helpful support.
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    If you know nothing about building/managing a website you have two choices:

    1. hire someone to build it and manage it for you (expensive option)

    2. LEARN how to build a site or blog and how to design/manage a site

    Your expectations are high and I'd suggest you spend some time learning what goes into building a site and promoting it, getting traffic and finding products to sell, etc.

    To get an idea of what is involved in building a business online...might start by reading this thread:

    Many people do earn money from a website....and many don't. The more you know, the better your chances of succeeding.
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    • Thanks I will look into it.
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        I can give you some pointers on how to create a basic website, basically you need hosting, and a CMS, or Content Management System.

        I would recommend Wordpress for its ease of use, and possibly a plugin like Elementor for designing the page. If you want to learn to create your own funnel on WordPress, I recommend perhaps also getting Insta Builder 2.0. In saying that, you could go through and create a funnel system on ClickFunnels, however although their product is great, the pricing shows for it.

        So the easiest way again, is getting a host, and install WordPress on it. You can do this via the one click installs that most hosting providers have, I would recommend just getting a shared hosting account (where you share the resources of the server with other websites), and if you want to someday upgrade to a more robust system, you'd want to get a VPS or Virtual Private Server which is more dedicated resources, but still shared with other VPS servers on a dedicated system. And of course, if you're doing wonders, and running sites and even hosting other peoples websites, you can go for a Dedicated Server... I know I'm going far ahead with what you want here, but its what to expect if your going to make it big in the future.

        So Host, Install Wordpress, Install the Elementor Plugin onto Wordpress, or even Install the Insta Builder 2.0 plugin (Elementor has a free plan, Insta Builder 2.0 is a priced plugin)

        The next thing is to setup Wordpress with a theme that reflects your Tennis enthusiasm. Then decide whether you're going to have a 'static' front page, or the blog.

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        Kind Regards
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        • Thanks so much for the detailed help. How much this whole package of hosting and website making takes?
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            Hosting from a webhosting perspective.... Can go from anywhere from $4 to $15 a month... In no particular order of preference a shared hosting provider such as BlueHost and HostGator etc... HostGator do shared hosting plans for about $2.75/mo paid yearly, with that you get Wordpress 1 click install, a domain for a year, and SSL, makes the connection to the website secure.

            Then if you weren't to get a domain with HostGator, you could get one from Godaddy, that costs around $18.

            The rest is upto you to work out how to use wordpress. Hiring a developer can range from $100 to $1000 even more, depending how complex you want it.
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            • I want a good website within $200-$400 range. I want to be able to manage it on my own without any technical knowledge. Can I get a good site in this price?

              I don't want any complex functionality. All I want is a website where I can write and publish articles with my affiliate links.
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    Starting a website and then make it a sustainable money assets is not that easy as it looks like.

    First you need to identify your competitors. Look for their weaknesses like content, backlink profile, number of articles, length of each article.

    Plus, your website should also have a professional design with proper structure. Because now google takes user experience very seriously.

    What you can do in the start is select a site from your niche and try to build a site better than that.

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    • Thanks for your help. I did some research and I found WordPress is easy to use. What would you recommend for a beginner user? I dont want to complicate things pls.
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        Yep, you're on the right path. Wordpress is very easy to manage and this platform is really good especially for beginner users. You can use different plugins like elementor to make it easier.

        As these plugins come with drag and drop features which makes it easy for beginner users to work in the way they want without any technical knowledge.
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    If you are looking forward to learn web development, you should initially choose which platform you want to learn for web development. I suggest taking online classes can benefit you.
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    • Which platform do you think I should use as a beginner?
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        I also want to mention that platform you choose strictly depends upon what functionalities your website contains.

        I also would like to advice you to have a detailed insight about things like process of the web development, costing and maintenance.

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        Let me know if the information helped you!
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    Learning how to create and manage a website will benefit you more in the long run. I have had to create websites for a few people and organizations, what I discover later on is that most of these people/organizations lack maintenance.

    They couldn't manage it beyond the initial setup. It takes lots of experience, time, resources, and skills to successfully run and manage a professional blog.

    So my best advice is, learn how to create and manage a blog.

    With that out...

    WordPress is by far the first and best choice of blogging software for many businesses and individuals who run a blog.

    Though it requires some learning curve, you can get help by reading online from many reliable WordPress resources. I recommend reading WP Beginners. The blog has hundreds of WordPress tutorials for beginners bloggers.

    Also, you don't need a big budget to purchase hosting and domain names. NameCheap has one of the most affordable hostings plans in the market today. In fact, you can test-drive EasyWP (NameCheap managed WordPress hosting) for $1 for a 30-days period.

    And if you don't like the services, cancel before your 30-day period is over.

    You can also watch YouTube videos to see how to install WordPress on your choice of hosting environment. This is because if you choose to host with a managed WordPress hosting provider, the application might be different from a shared hosting environment.

    All-in-all, you will get better and improve in online marketing as soon as you dive in. Just dive in...

    A Blog That Helps You Make Money

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    Three people in this thread have just joined the forum all 3 want to sell you a service. Wonder why ? Be careful, their are 100's of members here who can provide that service. Some are good some or not.

    Take your time choosing who to go with or you will be out $200.00 to $400.00 . Even look at the hosting providers and domain company's they can build a site for you. Do not use the same hosting company and registrar.

    Look at threads here on the forum about companies like hostgator, godaddy, etc. and others. Some have issues about these companies in the past.
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    You can sign up for a word press blog interface for free .I think sharing your tennis expertise by.way of blogging is a good way to drive traffic build awareness and an audience and eventually sell.
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    Bro 1st watch youtube it will help you alot
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    Blogging is definitely the way to go with gaining affiliate sales as well as utilizing google AdWords. The one draw back that I experience when surfing websites are people that utilize other Advertising venues that offer little to no benefit to the websites.

    Blogging requires posting regularly. Many people will say, "add youtube videos, add other social media content." I suggest sticking with one then add in other media as you build out your blog.

    The key take-a-ways I have experienced has been, it doesn't matter how pretty the site is, as long as it is readable, (stick with solid colors don't go super crazy) people will visit your site.

    You don't need to worry about pizazz at the beginning just need to worry about content. Focus on building 500+ word articles 3 times per week, ignore all the metrics info until your site is built out.

    When you write your articles be sure to keep the articles keyword specific and focus on the topic at hand. Don't go off topic.

    One other important piece of your blog is collecting email addresses for your email list. Just put a sign up box on the right column and place the email collection widget there. I use aweber, some of my clients use mailchimp.

    The most powerful blogging suite out there is wordpress it offers a lot of plugins to make your life easy.

    I counter the advice given earlier about keeping your domains separate from your hosting company. There's some benefits to keeping them together.

    Benefit 1: DNS is autoconfigured to your hosting so you don't have to worry about changing the NS information in the domain. For many new to domains and hosting it's confusing and daunting.

    Benefit 2: Your hosting provider is able to help you with your domain issues and you don't end up having to call two different places for products that work hand in hand with each other.

    Benefit 3: A good hosting provider will be willing to configure the domain and DNS for you.

    Looking for a hosting provider:

    Hosting providers provide different levels of service some great some terrible. It's up to you to decide what to go with.

    Research, research, research!

    Look at their hosting options, look at what's available and what's not available. Look for a link somewhere that shows some of their hosted sites. Chances are if those websites perform well on the service your site will perform the same.

    Features to look for in hosting:

    CloudLinux (operating system)
    Imunify360 (Antivirus)
    KernelCare (OS Kernel Update Package)
    cPanel (Control Panel Interface)
    CSF (Firewall)
    Softaculous (makes installing and managing wordpress quick and easy)
    LiteSpeed (One of the fastest web server daemons around and includes a caching plugin to install onto wordpress to make wordpress load super fast)

    I hope this information helps you on your journey.

    Here's to a huge success in your blogging adventure!
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    You can build a website if you know programming or you can also use a CMS platform to build a website. Another option is to get web app development services, tell them your requirements and they will develop a website for you.
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    1st go to youtube, there is so many information about "how to make a website with wordpress" or "how to make a landing page with wordpress". Or, if you don't want waste your time, pay someone or agency to build a website for you.

    If you want become hustle for make a money, stop thinking about technical thing. Just think about about how to increase your sales and scaleup your business.
    Let me and my digital marketing agency help you to growth your sales and scaleup your digital business with affordable Warriors Price - Let's Talk by Skype
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    You can learn professional web from Youtube also
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