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It is worth opening a WordPress Design business in 2021?
I see a lot of people are working for a little amount of money in this industry, in my country.
How do you find clients?
Thank you
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    If you are a WordPress developer you can sign on to the various
    freelance sites to get jobs. You might be able to setup sites for
    local businesses such as restaurants, stores and others.

    It is up to you how you market your service but I think that you
    will always make money with this in-demand skill.
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    I think it's a good idea if you are pro in WordPress and you can build cool site for a couple of hours. You can build sites for a small businesses that simply do not have time and resources to hire developers. Also you can work not only in your country, it's not an issue
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    Networking and contributing with value .

    As far as competing with word press wordpress has their own buolt in themes and allows users to create ther own design .

    I would advise you to come up with a unique concept that way you wouldn't have to fight on price plus you can have niche within a niche .
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    You can still do WordPress websites now. there is a lot of competition out their, but much of it is low quality.

    One thing you can do is find a niche and make websites in that niche. Starting out is hard if you don't have previous work to show. Make a portfolio and put some mockup work on their until you get some clients.
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      Than you for your time!Can you tell me how to make a portfolio if I don't have clients?It is mandatory to know PHP?
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        Originally Posted by aniculaesei View Post

        Than you for your time!Can you tell me how to make a portfolio if I don't have clients?It is mandatory to know PHP?

        Set up some WordPress sites, this will give you some practice.

        Put them up for sale at Flippa and elsewhere, that will give you exposure.

        If you think you need to know PHP then learn it.

        Stop asking everybody else what they think you should do.

        And stop looking for excuses to getting started.

        There's plenty of information online you can research for yourself.

        Once you get started and get busy there will be no stopping you.
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  • Wordpress can be used to build really serious, complicated & high quality websites. It's a misconception that wordpress websites are of low quality & doesn't require skills.
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  • If you have great design skills and have already built several websites on WordPress it will be very easy to find clients through freelance websites such as Fiverr, Upwork, Crowdsource, Freelancer, Guru (etc., to name a few). This is still an in-demand skill as evidenced by the number of orders the freelancers get on these sites.
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    Getting clients and developing WordPress websites is only half the battle. You have to learn as many parts as you can about WordPress security. WordPress is a huge target...until you have an established business for a client and they get the dreaded white screen one day when they come into work. Then, suddenly, YOU are the target!

    Come practice your public speaking skills with us FREE every week! SpeakersSpeakLIVE.com >>

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    I think lot of people think that wordpress is used for small websites. But this is not true. Wordpress can be used to built hight quality websites with so much functionalities. Wordpress is a good option. Make some portfolio before getting into it.
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    Of course, it should still be pretty lucrative and a great business. Maybe people need. it
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    Say, it is in the easy to start hard to master category. The good point is ppl trust wordpress in general. The hard is ppl get scared as it is still in the geek-area, so to say.
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    bro I don't know about hiring. But there websites have such a nice plans for there free users
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    You might start by identifying a niche and creating websites in that topic. It's difficult to get started if you don't have any past work to exhibit. Create a portfolio and include some mockup work till you gain any clients.
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