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I'm working on a site where I've put up some buttons with rollover effects. Ironically, though, where I'm struggling is in making those buttons pretty- the rollover effects work fine- but the buttons themselves are just plain rectangular boxes. Does anybody have suggestions on where to download free button images or how to build buttons? I happen to have access to all of Adobe's CS4, so I can build in that, but I'm not sure how to eliminate extra space if I make the button rounded or how to add the appearance that some buttons have of being convex.

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    I have some free buttons that I can send to you, in fact a warriors here just gave away a bunch of free graphics a few days ago.

    If you're going to make your own buttons in PS use the rounded rectangle tool, apply layer styles (usually variations of drop shadow, bevel, inner/outer glow and stroke).

    Hide the background layer from view and save as a PNG file (which preserves the backgrounds transparency).

    PM me if you want the buttons.

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    Nice tip, Kevin.

    Bob, here is a free button generator. I don't know if that would help:

    Free Web Button Maker - ButtonGenerator.com
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    Bob, this is what I use:

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    hi alpa, i have some free rss buttons that i made in my blog, you can replace the text or stretch them to make them look like normal buttons , i also made a button pack a few years ago. you need adobe fireworks though
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    • Try these tutorials HERE. Those may help you out. Personally I like to make my own custom everything when it comes to web design. Those may help you if you are not a pro with photoshop. If you need more help let me know.

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    Wow everyone! Thanks so much. I'm on my way to becoming a worthwhile webmaster yet. Seriously- thanks!
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    Buttonator seems like an excellent resource.
    You can also try searching on Mashable.com for free button designs.
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