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Can any one please tell me how I can increase the size of the text on a WP blog?:confused:

The theme that I am using is just what I want but te test seems very small.

I know that there is the 'headings' option but is there another way?

I am not at all technical and this is driving me mad!


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    If you do not want to go playing in the CSS then you could install the TinyMCE plugin. This adds more functionality to the WP editor among other things.

    Just go to PLUGINS/ADD NEW

    Then in the search Box type in TinyMCE

    Click to install (twice, second time in the pop-up)


    Go to the options page for TinyMCE

    You can then drag extra icons - drag the FONT SIZE one and any others you think would be helpful to you.

    Before clicking to save changes at the foot of that page, tick the box that says "Stop removing the < p > and < b > etc.." near the bottom - this one helps if you ever go in an edit posts or pages using the HTML and VISUAL because sometimes WP ignores those and you can't get the layout you want.

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    Thanks Sue,

    I knew there was a way round it, but not being technically minded, thought
    it would be best to ask.

    You are a star!

    The WF rocks!


    Never Mistake Activity for Accomplishment

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      Hi Karen

      It's very simple to change the font for the entire site and if it's just the body text you are looking to increase, it will be at the top of the stylesheet.css which is under appearance - editor - and will be the first file you see when you enter this section.

      After all the information about the actual theme, there will be something like this:

      * Body
      body {
      font: 10px Verdana, Geneva, Tahoma, sans-serif;

      and all you need to do is increase the 10px or whatever size is there to a larger size.

      To change the rest of the font sizes other than the body, is a little bit more involved but very simple when you know where to look.

      Good luck!


      p.s. It is always a good idea to take a copy of the file you are going to be working in and save it elsewhere - just incase!
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