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Hi Guys

Just wondering if anyone could look at my first website (www(dot)flattenstomachfat(dot)com
It is my first crack at it and would appreciate any feedback on layout,colors etc.Not much content or backlinks as yet,
Another question is if I use a directory submitter(software) do I put my real name and address etc or just make one up.
I've got broad shoulders so throw anything at me!!
still setting up a newsletter thingo
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    Few things I noticed.
    remove the "uncategorized" button
    H1 tagged is no maximize
    header banner especially the image is blurry
    emphasize on the feature section try to put borders.

    Thats all for now
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    Looks like a good site for your first Wordpress site.

    I have to say those flabby stomach fat pictures were pretty scary though.

    I would also recommend to try and use a couple more links in your posts. Maybe link to some other Wordpress blogs to get ping backs.
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    I like the look of it, nice template.
    Some things:

    • Too much navigation, get rid of the top one.
    • Home is highlighted - that's good
    • Your slide show is too fast, And there should be questions marks when you ask a question.
    • the banner ad is taking up your best real estate.
    Just a couple of things to think about.

    Great eBooks at a great price! Email me for a quote or work samples. peter@bridge-city-marketing.com

    Peter Anthony

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    For some reason in Google Chrome the top banner add is misaligned - it's bumped up about 30px, so it cuts into the navigation and search box.
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    Hi guys
    thanks for the feedback so far. I have removed the top nav and I am in the process of trying to slow the slider down abit.Might be a few bugs while i muck around with it.only one way to learn.Once done I will move onto the other ideas.
    Great feedback so far thanks alot guys
    Life is a game, and I want to win
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    looks better!

    Since the slide show is on your prime real estate (beside you banner ad which I don't like there), here are some more things:
    • Question marks on your questions!
    • put some padding on your text so it is not so close to the edge.
    • instead of an ellipsis at the end of the blurb (...), put a read more link.
    And please, NO Flash. KISS. keep it simple.

    For every web page that you build, there should be one action that you want your viewers to take, whether you want to funnel them to another page, get them to sign up for a newsletter, download your free ebook, whatever it is. Then you should build your whole page so that your viewer takes that action.

    What is the one thing you want your viewer to do with your page? I'm not sure that I can figure it out.

    Great eBooks at a great price! Email me for a quote or work samples. peter@bridge-city-marketing.com

    Peter Anthony

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    Consider keeping your text formatting consistent. I found a center-aligned post amongst the left-aligned ones- the break from uniformity was a little distracting.

    For some odd reason the youtube videos do not show in Safari 4 (Mac).

    Lots of good content-- keep up the good work!
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    nice site. you may want to try punch stock or other stock photo sites and make it better.
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    I really like your site. It is clean and clear. Pretty uncomplicated. And although I just scanned the posts, they seem to be pretty well written...although...

    my quick eye did pick up an odd thing on the way out..."Americans are getting older". Well, aren't we all? I think you mean "The American population is an aging one...'.

    I know, I can be a stickler..I used to teach English...so don't take that comment too seriously...

    Still, on the website itself, I think it really works.

    All the best!
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    nice site

    give some attention on your posts formatting
    expand categories remove listbox
    soon posting some more suggestions
    Outsource Your Offline Business Projects. Just Send me a PM :)
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      Hi Guys
      Thanks for the continued input. By the sound of it I need to redo my banner, pretty crappy I know.I've updated the post for your suggestion Ann thanks for that and I will also make the posts more consistent with the formatting.
      Trying to find a plugin that may help add some external links to my posts also

      You're all awesome

      ***New header ordered off LogoNerds****
      Life is a game, and I want to win
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        Looks alright for a first try. I would look at cleaning up your slideshow on the main page.

        Just sharpen up the images a bit. Maybe think about ditching the blue background.

        I like it thought. Well done!
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    I tried to look at it but i just got a bunch of code.
    Maybe you are working on it....:confused:

    Will try back later today!
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    Hey jksarra! This is a nice site you've got going on here. A nice mix of content - Pictures to go along with your text. I actually like the layout quite a bit. It's simple but has an appropriate level of complexity.

    This is only my opinion, you can take it or leave it, but my instant reaction to your site was "Wow, this is a nice... WHAAA the background of the top banner is really ugly and distracting!"

    I'm sure there will be tons of people who will disagree with me on this but, to me, the hover color of the "Latest Posts" links (Orange) does not make sense psychologically. However, I may have missed the point somewhere of why you did that. I really like the style of the "Full Story" links - That style seems like it would better suit the "Latest Post" links as well.

    Regardless, again, this is nice and I hope the best for you and your website!
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    I think you don't have mush post on your site. Please post more content. Next thing add "share this" plugin so that readers can share your post online with their friends. Also use widget called "recent post", "top post" or "calender" to keep your blog interesting.
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    thanks for the input.You will notice that I have replaced the banner with a much better one(thanx logonerds)and have made a few more changes as the comments come in.As I am still learning css etc i am getting there gradually.
    Many thanks to all so far
    Life is a game, and I want to win
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    Nice site like it a lot. What did you use to get the "tear away" New Offer section? I really like that feature.

    Great work.

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      Originally Posted by Pastor View Post


      Nice site like it a lot. What did you use to get the "tear away" New Offer section? I really like that feature.

      Great work.

      I was interested in that also, cool feature that I wouldn't mind knowing how you did that.

      Whats it called, I will Google it.
      Thanks, Nice site!


      Changing Life for my family "One" Click at a time.

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        The page corner is a wordpress plugin called Page-Peel.
        The link is below(sorry cancel that, cant do links) for the developers page.Ive just changed the images a bit through cpanel and thats it
        if you go to the wordpress plugins it is available in there

        Thanks for the input
        Life is a game, and I want to win
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    Add more contents.

    "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." -
    Mark Twain

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    Man ...
    wordpress really makes it easy to get something up and professional in a short amount of time. Great job, site looks very clean!
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    its great. loved the sidebar widgets.

    Good Bye ....

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    great site.
    congrats on the launch.
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    It's a great try if it is your first site. Hats off!!!
    As one of the fellow warrior said, "Tear away" option is really good.
    I just skimmed through the content your site. It's good and some were awesome.
    Here are some of my suggestions:
    1. Please remove the top tab above your banner image and make it a bit wider so that it would look cool and also the pic's clarity will be better.
    2. All your main menus(Home,Exercise,Featured,General,....) are just sticking to the left corner. If main menus are encyclical it would look more professional.
    3. Remove the "ORDER NOW" banner on the top and put that in the left side. It looks more cluttered and concealing the beauty of your site.
    4. Change the font style in the slide show and also some flash work would be even better than the existing slide show.
    5. Colors are not too captivating/charismatic. Think of this option with some contrasting colors highlighting your service.

    Hope this helps!!!

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    I liked the color scheme you threw together
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    Thanks guys
    im just waiting for an update on the theme and Ill be able to fix the default pictures appearing for some reason and the top menu will be removed.will also put an optin box in Thanks for the input. Now I need to start driving traffic there. The order now button is just part of a banner so cant be changed as such, I was with adsense but due to the high feedback on the CPA networks on the WF i managed to get on one
    Ive managed to get to #10 on google with one of my terms so Im happy with that
    Life is a game, and I want to win
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    Change title of your site. Dont use url!
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    The site looks good , but I have some reviews.

    No page has Titles , Meta tags (keyword , description etc,..)
    Pls add Title , Meta tags like keywords , descriptions etc,.. only then you will get good indexing.

    Also make sure to put an Sitemap in XML format with the link to it in the footer.
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    Looks great! I love the teasers with "more info" on the side! Great job!

    Please go to gaeta(dot)ws for more advice, especially on SEO!

    Stephen L Hall I got 68 Subscribers in ONE DAY,..You Can Too! http://myfreelistbuildingsystem.com

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    Hello there

    Really good content.

    Whats with the grey colour coming only so far down the page?

    Are you able to choose amazon links that dove tail in with your topic - you could be earning money with reviews and sales.

    Check your web address in
    The W3C Markup Validation Service

    for untidy links.

    Best wishes for your success.
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      Good try.

      Its looking fine as it is your first attempt.

      New offer - I am seeing for the first time. Great.

      Always try to match your adv. colors and your site colors blend each other. Match colors between adv. and non adv.

      All the best....
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