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I have a job that is an easy task for any experienced web developer. I require an experienced web developer to enhance the page in question.

By enhance, I mean, recode my page using the most efficient and up to date language which I think is CSS? :confused:

As I'm no expert in HTML + CSS, by looking at my code after just using design view in Dreamweaver, I can tell that there is definitely a ton of issues within my code causing a very messy page to load up in browsers such as IE and Safari.

Only seems to load semi perfectly if not perfect in Firefox.

All it is, is an upcoming sales page for a new product of mine, really simple stuff, really!

I know this is a somewhat brief description but I'm sure that for you experienced web developers out there, you see what needs to be done and know that it's a quick two second job.

As I don't want to publicly view the page in question, for those that are interested in assisting me and negotiating a price for the assistance provided, please PM me and I will provide you with all the necessary details such as the actual URL for the page in question that needs fixing.
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