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Hi Guys,
I have set up a hosting account with godaddy and i know that they support wordpress and stuff like that. i was just wondering if a blogger blog can be hosted on a private hosting account? some help is much appreciated.
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    I think what you are asking is that you want to use Blogger for a Blog, but you want to have your own Domain Name instead of the address.... Right?

    Well, yes you can do this.

    First, we need to talk about terms... You say your got a "Hosting" account with GoDaddy. I am not sure if you are using this word the right way.

    Do you mean that you registered a Domain Name ( at GoDaddy OR did you actual buy a Hosting package which means not only the Domain Name, but a place to put it.

    People that are new to Internet Marketing and the way the web works often get this wrong, so I need to ask....

    Now, IF you purchased a Domain Name, you can have it "point" to you Blogger account.... In effect this means that the Blogger Account will changes names so that people can enter in and the Blogger page will open. You get all the resources and tools Blogger offers, but you have your own Domain Name.

    If you need to learn how to do this you can go to the Blogger Help Page at:

    How do I use a custom domain name on my blog? - Blogger Help

    This shows you how to do it and has some internal links to give you more detail if needed.

    Blogger can be a great site and when you combine it with either a nice Template and / or your own domain name, you have a very powerful combination.

    I have setup a number of sites for my clients on Blogger that use custom Domain Names and Templates. I get them to buy the Domain Name at which only costs $9.69 a year and then hook them into Blogger (FREE), setup a new template and they are ready to go....

    This is a very low cost approach to building sites on the fly...

    I hope that Helps you out.

    Have a Great Day!

    Richard Whyte - Online Training Systems - - Professional Copywriting Tools

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      thanks for the reply Richard, I already have a domain name pointing to my blogger blog but what I was trying to ask was that is it possible to tranfer that whole blog of mine to a hosting account which is under my name? the reason why i want to do it is because i have read somewhere that google can block any blog if they want to and than all my hard work can be lost. please help me in understanding if there is any truth to this and if hosting a blog on webhosting service is possible?
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        Well, none of my clients have ever had a blog banned.... I guess it would depend on what your content is....

        I also don't believe that you can move the Blogger Blog off of the Google site and onto your own host.

        As for your own blog, many hosting packages (I use LunarPages) have Fantasitco and with that you can install a Wordpress blog on your site with the push of a button... Very easy to do.

        You would then need to manually move all of your Blog Posts over to Wordpress unless some here knows of a tool to move your posts from one Blog software package to another one.

        I like Wordpress better than Blogger, but you need to buy hosting with it if you want full control over your site... Blogger is great for FREE and has some nice tools.

        Hope that helps you out.

        Have a Great Day!

        Richard Whyte - Online Training Systems - - Professional Copywriting Tools

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    from what i know you can`t transfer the blogger blog to your account . The only thing you can do is to copy your posts and everything , install wordpress on your hosting account and move all your posts there . if your blogger blog already has some traffic put a redirect after you move everything on the wordpressfrom your hosting so you won`t lose any traffic. as for google blocking blocks i know a few ppl that had this problem
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