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I need help understanding a few basic things about Pages

#1 - If I want a page that's a redirect for a an affiliate site or something else that's TOTALLY not using the same template as the Wordpress blog - how do I create a blank page?

These are the instructions from one affiliate:

Set up a redirect on your website –
If you have your own website, this is actually quite easily done. Just create a new page on your website and enter this code into the html area.

<title>Review Blog </title>


When I create a new page - it looks like all the other pages on my blog. I can't even create a simple THANK YOU PAGE or a page with one image on it.

#2 The other thing I don't understand is how to prevent a new page from showing up in the list of pages (usually displayed on the home page)?

Is there a way to create - plain blank pages and not have them show up as a listed page?
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    1. If I understand correctly, you want a link in your navigation to a page that's not a wordpress "page", but an external page. Here's how you do it.

    Asssume you are using wp_list_pages() you'd do something like this:

    <div id="nav">
             <?php wp_list_pages('title_li='); ?>
             <li><a href="">somelink</a></li>
    If you look above, the wp_list_page function will pull all of your wordpress pages. Also notice that the link to "somelink" is not controlled by wordpress. It's a link to anywhere -- your site, my site, an affiliate site -- whatever. If you want to limit the display to certain pages, or exclude pages, you can use include and exclude. Take a look at the codex for specifics.
    Template Tags/wp list pages WordPress Codex

    I think this answers both questions.
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      An easier way to do what you are trying to do is use a plugin called "Pretty Link" (There are also a few other redirect plugins too) and just set up a redirect within the plugin's admin panel.

      It doesn't technically make a 'page', but it looks and acts the same. You will end up with a link like: and that link will forward to any affiliate link you enter for it.

      On the issue of removing pages from your navigation bar, ad the following in your Theme editor in the header.php file:

      Original -
      <div id="nav">
               <?php wp_list_pages('title_li='); ?>
      <div id="nav">
               <?php wp_list_pages('title_li=&exclude=3,7,8'); ?>
      where 3,7,8 are the Page IDs you want excluded from the navigation bar.

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    If you strictly want to handle everything from within wordpress then Greg's and Susanne's suggest plugins are excellent.

    Do you want to try a more 'lightweight' solution? This would require you to have basic FTP and file handling skills.

    1. If so, find the .htaccess file in your particular domain's root directory.
    2. Add this line after the section that says, "Wordpress Section"

    Redirect /name-of-nonexistent-file-on-your-server hxxp://
    so you would use the URL hxxp:// throughout your wp blog, and it would show up as such in the status bar of your visitor's browser. But when they click on the link, it will take them directly to whatever page you set as the affiliate link.

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    I know you've got alot of replies but here is an easy one. Install the 'redirection' plugin in Wordpress.
    It has a simple interface - you enter a source url and a target url.
    So - say you want to go to, just enter /product for source and for target.
    Simple interface, no editing files required, and it even gives you stats on how many times each link has been used. It's in the wordpress plugin repository, so it's a simple one click install too!

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