What's A Standard Size For A Header Banner?

by easmsw 13 replies
I want to create some header banners to sell. Can someone please tell me the standard size(s) people are generally using?

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  • I use 960 px in width. That's seems to be the norm nowadays.
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  • Well I suppose it depends... when you say header, do you mean a banner ad?

    Header to me means the top section of a website.

    720px used to be the norm but nowadays monitor sizes are larger. Mines set at 1280px wide so 960px isnt that big
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    I use 980px in width for most of my wp themes.
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    Hi there, If you are talking about ad banners a common size is 728x90 which will not take over your full site header. There are other sizes that most companies follow which are built to IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau) specs. Here is a link for more information.

    IAB - Ad Unit Guidelines
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      I am not talking about banner ads. I'm talking about the actual header graphic on a page.

      Thank you for the input. I'm glad that I asked. I never would have guessed that they were so wide.
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    I think most WP theme headers are set at about 740px. I don't think there is a default as such I just think you have to go with what you think looks good for your site (taking people's computer screen size into account nowadays lots of people are using quite large screens but some still have small screens) it's a matter of choice I think.

    I generally put my headers anywhere between 760px - 900px



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      I will probably make header graphics for both regular websites and to add into a WP blog.

      Is their a standard size for WP blogs?
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    For WP, it depends on the theme. Mine currently has a header of 965. Best - M.T.
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    Default page widths are generally
    600 px
    720 px
    800 px
    960 px
    1024 px
    1125 px
    1280 px
    1600 px

    Now thinking about most monitor and browser resolutions most sites are in the 960-1280 range. Alot of sites are also going to liquid layouts which uses percentages instead of a fixed width

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      I would have to say it depends on the website. Who is your target audience... think about it, if your dealing with the more "modern age" chances are they have bought a computer in the last few years that starts on a resolution higher than 800x600

      I tend to stick to 1024, so my overall layout would be about 960-980px

      I notice most sales pages are under 800px wide.

      Wider seems to be better nowadays, however it doesn't need to be 1600px wide, majority of people would probably have to scroll left and right, which is no good.... unless you are being creative and using it to unvale content or something to that effect

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        Thanks everyone. I appreciate all of the comments. I took some photos for a particular niche and thought I would add some header graphics along with the photos to sell as a complete package.
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  • SInce you are talking about the header, I would say 960 px for sure
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