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Looking for some feedback on photoshop cs4. Just wanted to know is anyone using it, and is it worth it.. Although I'm not a designer but some times design my own headers and footers for web sites.

I know there's cheaper software out there but, is it really worth that price. I also do other things with photos.

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    What can you say about the Industry Standard application for working on Raster Based Images?

    I am a web developer and use Photoshop CS4 daily. I love it and would not use anything else. Yes it is not a cheap program, but it is so powerful and if you need to work with images, I have not seen anything on the market that comes even close to it.

    Have a Great Day!
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    Hi there,

    Photoshop cs4 is great.Its has lots of features. I am a Web Designer and use Photoshop cs4 daily also. But please make sure your computer should meet with the minimum configuration that needs to run the Photoshop cs4 smoothly.
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    I use Photoshop CS4 too, and I highly recommend this program!
    Freelance Web Development
    and Graphic Design Services
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    I am a graphics and web designer and I would recommend you PS CS4.
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    Get it right from the start, its worth the effort to learn Photoshop CS4, in long run you'll appreciate it. I tried other, nothing come close to it in term of features and quality it can produce.

    If creating ebook is on your mind, almost all ebook cover creating action script on the market runs on Photoshop.
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      There really is no equal to the power of CS4. There are so many intuitive enhancements in this version of Photoshop that you can never go wrong.

      However the real test of whether it's worth it has to be gauged against what you use it for. If you're only augmenting photos with cropping and small touchups to use on the web then yes, perhaps you could get by with something less. But if you're doing any professional work at all even with the hefty price tag you will quickly recoup your investment.

      I have CS4 Extended and it's one of the best investments in software I've ever made!
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        I recently bought Photoshop CS4. You can start to do some things with it right away. You don't have to understand how to use it all. There are many free tutorials on the internet.

        I understand it is called a "lifetime" program: meaning either/both that it can take a life time to learn all its features or that you can earn a living from creating with Photoshop if you get good at it. But I think you have to have significant artistic tendencies for the latter.

        But I don't know the limits of what some lesser/ alternative programs can do if your design needs are fairly simple. I have heard GIMP can do a lot and is free. There is also Photoshop Elements, which costs much less than Photoshop.

        You can get a month trial from Adobe and check out the versions of Photoshop (CS4 and Elements).
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          Photoshop CS4 is arguably the best designer software out there, as you can see from the other comments on this thread.

          I'd just like to add that if you're not a designer, then it may be wise to outsource any designing, freeing up your time to concentrate on your specialty.

          I have an offline/online marketing coach plus I belong to an internet marketing course, which also has a members forum and the feedback I've had from the majority of members is, try to outsource as much as you can.

          Many people at this point are thinking.... yeah, sounds expensive.... or, some other reason, but just get your mindset thinking and open yourself up to the concept. Weigh up the pros and cons.

          I know this is a little off the topic of Photoshop, but I just wanted to add my 5 cents worth.

          Hope this helps any
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    Photoshop CS4 is simply the most best designer software. If my computer is on then so is photoshop.
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      It's the best product I've come across. I literally can't live without the darn thing.

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    Hi steven
    it depends on the features you need and will actually use every single day. As a professional, I have CS-CS4 installed, but would never recommend photoshop for the beginner user or someone that needs to spruce up photos and make simple graphics.
    You can start with a free program called GIMP, you can edit PS files in it, and get a feel for working with some advanced features OR try these with free trials:
    Paint Shop Pro:easy interface, affordable and good for images
    Or to stick with Adobe, try out Adobe Elements : also a free trial here

    My opinion. Photoshop is total overkill for the non-professional. If you want the groovy effects, go with elements you can still use plugins, styles,etc.

    Save several hundred dollars and a massive learning curve.
    Hope that helps!
    I am taking on only ecover design work for the next 90 days. Rates are 47.00 for single cover, discounts for multiple..just ask! No payment until completed. for sample works
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    Originally Posted by steve-w View Post

    Looking for some feedback on photoshop cs4. Just wanted to know is anyone using it, and is it worth it.. Although I'm not a designer but some times design my own headers and footers for web sites.

    I know there's cheaper software out there but, is it really worth that price. I also do other things with photos.

    You can get CS3 or CS4 both are great, but if you are only working on a few images and headers and footers just use GIMP, its free.........

    The only people that really need Photoshop are the ones who are designers or work with photos alot.......other than that it will be useless to you, unless you need to change a file format, such as a .jpg to .png or .gif to .jpg.

    Photoshop is the best program to change file formats form one to another.........

    I believe that CS3 is cheaper than CS4, there is not alot of difference between the two, I think that CS5 whenever itcomes out will be the biggest and most valuabl upgrade if you already have CS3. Personally I do not think that paying the upgrades from CS3 and up really are going to be worth it at all, unless they really come up with some cool additions. CS2 is still a powerful program and good enough for almost anything anyone would need to do......

    Just a side note; if you get a student version you CANNOT upgrade, you will have to pay FULL PRICE to upgrade to the next version. If you by the regular version you can always upgrade at discounted prices when newer versions are released.
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    i am using photoshop 7 and it is so far best, because other version of photoshop are too. everybody love easiness to use a software, so i love nothing but photoshp 7.
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    I could not live without my Photoshop CS4 - it is extremely powerful - there is nothing that compares with this program for graphic design - well that's just my opinion.
    Why not try the free version for a while to see if it too becomes an addiction


    Professional Designs, Crazy Prices, Service with a smile!!
    Visit My Website My Design Gallery or Email me direct.
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    Yes, PhotoShop CS4 is the de factor in the design industry. Almost every designer adopts it with open arms. However, any1 can learn the basics and quickly get up and running in no time if u really want to master it.

    However, there are alternatives which u can explore. eg sharewares and free "Photoshop-similar" tools. But no other software comes close to the Adobe suite of software. Personally, I found them to be intuitive and easy to use. You have to use yourself to fully understand its power.
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    Photoshop CS4 does have features superior to other softwares (the 3d facilities are just a few of its many benefits). CS3, with its perspective features is already great, but CS4 is fantastic. There isn't a single day I pend with regret of using CS4. One thing to bear in mind, though: do you really need it? Does one need a ferrari for carrying potatoes? Website header and footer can be easily created with cheaper softwares.
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    Photoshop CS4 has no equal, but just a thought before you dive in, CS5 is just around the corner, maybe as early as April. If you are not in a hurry it may be worth waiting.
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    CS4 is worth the price. But i don't think u need it. Get GIMP. Its more suitable for you.

    We can design highly professional logos, banners, headers, business cards, letterheads, etc.

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    Photoshop CS4 is most definitely the way forward, if you can afford it, get it. If you cant go for something like GIMP, however it may be useful to have photoshop so if you advance your requirements you have the program already

    Latest site I am working on: Devsters Forums
    To check out my personal blog - just head over to Martin :)

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