Why not do what google does?

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Answer me this, why do people have these elaborate designs with images all over the place. Why don't they do what google does? Stay simple...

Google has some nice looking sites with minimal graphics, and they still look good. Why do we feel we need these elaborate designs to make a good site?
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    I partly agree with you. There are too many websites that are flashy and "cool" visually, but horrible from a usability or marketing standpoint.

    But, alot depends on the industry, too. If The White House or The Lord of the Rings Trilogy Official Site looked like Google Directory it would look pretty silly. :p
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      I think your on the right track....

      What kinda designs do you do? I for one keep everything simple...plus put your place in your target markets shoes, Do you think the person that can barley use a computer but knows how to browse the net going to leave your site because it doesn't look that great? Probably not. they may think a "crappy" design is an awesome design.

      Target the gamer market.... they may say something else... if the site looks like crap, they may not kick around... they are gamers they love graphics.

      Which is why I like to build my templates... or site templates with an easy way to swap graphics, have 2 style sheets, one with amazing graphics, and one with simple, but still professional graphics, and see which one converts better... whether it be an opt in form or a sales page... or whatever.

      I like simple sleek design... but hey that's just me.

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    It all depends on what the website is for...
    The more flashier websites full of images, are mainly webdesigners, artist's portfolios or service websites. It serves a purpose. Also in this time, we have zillions CMS, and a lot of designers selling templates stuffed with graphics. Then it comes to a matter of taste...

    I agree clean websites are better, it can have some imagery, but not to the point it becomes a distraction....and I'm sure search engines wil love it more.
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    "Advertisings not subtle, it never was."

    On the other hand, you can still stand out with simplicity. I happen to be really into minimalistic design and putting a focus on only what is necessary.
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    Sometimes even a web designers site shouldn't be too flashy. Designers think that they have to show everything they are capable of - this isn't the case though. A designer's site is still a business site.

    Minimalist design has its own beauty and also allows what you are selling to stand out more. I do love the whitehouse website though.
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    Well when I'm reading things like news.com.au or going on google.com then yeah, I want something simple. But there are other times when a flashy looking site appeals to me better. My passion is web design, so when I surf the web design blogs that are out there, I wouldn't stay on the very long if I they looked like google. Take tutorial9.net for example, an awesome design there (in my oppinion) and one of my favourites because of it!
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      I love graphics and design so I'm always testing things. But my simplest website with lots of white space and just two colors (plus white) still converts better than anything else I've tried.
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    Contrast in web page is something when somenone see first. In images there are many places with lot of contrast. But images are real world 3d world, and brain has to work very hard to conclude from where comes light, what is in front of something, what is behind, what is transparent and so on. So brain likes to be engaged in work. That's almost all.
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    I agree with earnincome. What is the purpose of your site? There are a numberof reasons for lots of graphics on your site, a store with product pictures for instance. It is hard to get someone to buy a product without showing it to them.

    Still, if you just want an optin or are trying to convey a single message, the graphics/design should only compliment that. I think many people start a page and do things because they CAN and not because they SHOULD.

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    Google stays simple because it has to remain neutral to everyone's taste (or as many viewers as possible, at least). For instance, not everyone loves those insects, and not everyone loves blinking pictures. Google also consists of multiple topics, so it's best to appear very general. A personal or company website, on the other hand, is created for a more specific purpose, with its own target audience. This type of audience expect something tailor-made for them, rather than a "one size fits all." Hence, it is important to learn the prospective viewers' taste before designing a website.
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    I really like simple too, like shaker furniture and that sort of stuff. And simple can be elegant too. Take a look at this.


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      Originally Posted by Lloyd Buchinski View Post

      I really like simple too, like shaker furniture and that sort of stuff. And simple can be elegant too. Take a look at this.

      It's.. flashy. But it doesn't have flash. It's a flashy non-flash site
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      Originally Posted by Lloyd Buchinski View Post

      I really like simple too, like shaker furniture and that sort of stuff. And simple can be elegant too. Take a look at this.

      Wow that site doesn't care if epileptics view it! They could have seizures! I am not joking.
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