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What do you think about my new logo?
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    Not bad at all, I like the concept!
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    I saw all four of your logos and I like the one you have chosen best of all, because I believe it is bold and commanding the look that you wish to achieve in dealing with entrepreneurs. The logo that was slanted says to me "iffy and unsure", and no one wants to do business investing with a partner that is "iffy and unsure". Good job!

    Best Wishes Lee

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    Wouldnt be a big fan to be honest, it seems to basic/texty if that makes any sense?
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    it looks very plain and stretched. I would revise it if i were you
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    Reminds me of Circuit City's logo. In all seriousness, what does your logo communicate about your business, brand or service?
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    A bit stretched, when it's un stretched it should look good, nice and simple.
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    I'd make it more oblong, like a football, and then add a bit of shine to it, giving it a bit of "pop."
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    Its not bad. Could use more work though. Maybe put the .com on the bottom while moving the other text up. Just like reversed. Post new final draft.
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    Can be better. I don't think that the circle and condensed font make a good combination. Sorry to say but it looks a bit unprofessional. Try to get rid of the circle and try to do something with the font. Hope this helps

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    those 4 logos are all the same. Letters inside a red round shape.
    Go search the thread - i think someone here in WF who offers "logo service" by the name of LogoNerd....
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    Japan Sōsu = Sauce. Entrepreneur sauce is Freedom, Journey, Winning, Fulfillment... And everything else that makes the entrepreneur life great!

    Why the red dot (flag), and placement of the .com. I'm playing on a Japanese theme.

    Thanks for all the help!
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    All logo's are great have you designed it in photoshop or in other software...
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    Well i like it
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    I liked the last two,they are better and latest compared to the first two.The color scheme could be made more flexible though.
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    Thanks again for the suggestions. I am going to have it redone, but I like the concept I made. I might go for more red.
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    My first thought that it looked like it had sort of "Japanese theme". If you like it, great! My personal opinion is pretty plain and basic, not eye catching. Maybe you could get a photo shop wiz to shine it up give it a 3d look. Just a thought.... At least you're out there doing something!

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    I like it. Simple and easy to read. I think it does look a little plain though. You could try turning it into a button, or adding a shadow to give it a sense of depth.

    Interesting idea though. Good luck.
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    I thing you should change the background color
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    They all lack presence. For me that is the major drawback. I suggest changing the following:

    - font
    - colour of the logo

    Firstly your font is stretched. Red isn't a great colour in such a big space unless you have some sort of metallic glaze to it, maybe you can make it a brighter red with indented into the actual circle.

    I'm far from a great designer but I can appreciate good, quality design. To help you with your redesign, I've attached a few links to logos that can be inspiration for you or whoever is helping you with it:

    - LogoPond - Identity Inspiration -
    - LogoPond - Identity Inspiration -
    - LogoPond - Identity Inspiration -
    - LogoPond - Identity Inspiration -
    - LogoPond - Identity Inspiration -

    Good luck and I can't wait to see the redesign
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    Very good examples. I now have a professional looking at it. I might go with a deeper red.
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    Its quiet okay. What do you think of the new logo?
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      I think it's quite nice for something non-pro, but at the same time, because of the way the letters are formed, you could have much more fun with the word SOSU.
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    Scott Carlson Was Laxson | Facebook
    (Second post down)

    This guy is going to redo it for me. I'll post back when it is complete. Thank you so much for your feedback!
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  • It's ok, pretty boring to be honest. Just a circle and some text doesn't make for a catchy logo
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    Simple and good design.
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    good job!
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    It's alright, definitely could use some work .. nothing special, but good job nonetheless.
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    The logo is stretched, have you designed this using Adobe Photoshop CS3? It's simple but it does not say anything apart from your URL. Try adding a slogan which identifies your specific market, such as web design & SEO.
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    the second down on the left column as well as the one on the bottom right really stand out as modern and interesting logos. Not sure about the orange gradient though.. but bravo on the new set!
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