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I'm learning about my jommla and very new in this. I want to try to make a template by myself but always failed. Can you teach me? is there any special software to make joomla templates. Thank you!

Regards Brendan:confused:
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    Hi Brendan

    These links might help to get you started:

    Joomla Template Tutorial | joomla-tutorials | Compass Design

    Tutorial:Creating a basic Joomla! template - Joomla! Documentation

    As for special software all you really need is a good text editor and a knowledge of HTML and CSS. Knowing some PHP and XML would be an asset as well.

    Bets of luck with your designs, let me know if you run into any difficulties and I'll see what I can do to help you.

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      Hi Brendan,

      Unless you have some pretty good CSS, HTML, PHP skills (as mywebwork mentioned) AND intermediate and above understanding of the core elements of how Joomla works, you are going to find building a Joomla template to be an uphill slog.

      Unless you are building a template as a challenge or a learning experience, why would you not go out and get a free Joomla template? There are many excellent ones available - I especially like Afterburner at Rocketheme. Better yet, get a free templete then deconstruct how it is built to get an understanding of template structure without starting from scratch.

      5MinuteJoomla - What you need to know about Joomla in 5 minutes or less.

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        I hope you won't take offense, but... do you really need to use Joomla? Or is it just for your own edification?

        Most honest tech-savvy folks considering a CMS will admit that the learning curve for Joomla is steep, and the ease of use is poor.

        I can't think of many IM related projects where I wouldn't choose WP in a heartbeat first. I say this as a long-time Linux user and open-source advocate. I don't care how sophisticated the tool ~TIME IS MONEY! ~ and I can literally put together 10 nice new Wordpress templates in the same time it takes to debug a couple of Joomla plugins (which are often buggy).

        Not worth the hassle for anything on a blog scale. Enterprise server, maybe.

        Just sayin'...
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    Check out Artisteer as well. It's a program which creates both Joomla and WordPress templates (along with HTML) and isn't too expensive.

    I agree that Joomla's learning curve is steep as I've been using it for nearly 3 years now. It was ROUGH in the beginning. I also agree that it depends what type of site you are creating. I use Joomla to create sites for clients looking for certain functionality. However, if I was creating a site which would be used primarily as a blog or a small IM site for myself, WordPress is what I'd use.

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      Thanks all for your input and thanks Bill for the tutorials had a read through them and they opened my eyes a little more thanks also Hasan im already pretty intouch with WP but joomla is one thing id like to get my head into to add another string to my bow the problem is when i start something i tend not to give up until ive cracked it addictive personality i put it down to :rolleyes:...

      Regards Brendan
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