Can Someone Answer A Wordpress Install Question?

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HI, I'm having a problem installing WP on a shared hosting acct.

I intended it to install in the root url.

I used the Fantastico Deluxe Install button in Cpanel and followed directions.
(note: at bottom of first page it indicates there are no current installations.)

After filling out page I get this ERROR message:

Install WordPress (2/3)

"The installation can not be completed:

- You chose to install in the main directory of the domain, but there are conflicting filenames, therefore we can not proceed. Following filenames already exist in the main directory of the domain (removed for privacy).You must manually remove these files before proceeding with auto-installation:

Click on the browser's Back button to fix reported errors."

Ok, when I go into File Manager in Cpanel I see the above 3 files listed down the list of files.
I highlight them and delete them ....BUT then when I re-enter the page to see if the files are gone ...They are back again! ...why can I not delete them?

Thanks for any help.
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    Hey There,

    I don't know the exact problem, but one suggestion is to contact your host and ask them if something is going on with the server, like server cache, I have ran into this problem with my hosting at They did their work, and everything was going good form there.


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    Hi Bruce, you definitely need to reach out to the host for help on this one. If you use HostGator or BlueHost, their chat techs are usually very responsive and helpful...You should have it resolved in < 15 minutes I'd expect.
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    Have you copied all the WordPress files into the right Domain name root folder? Be sure that the folder is empty before you copy WordPress in it.
    I think there might be a little conflict. Or try to edit the wp-config.php file yourself.

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    Thanks for helping guys....let me contact the host, as I actually think it is something on their end.
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    Let us know what your host says. I've had the same issue with my host, especially with Joomla installations. When a Joomla installation can be done through Fantastico Deluxe, it goes SO fast. However, when it won't work, I FTP the Joomla files onto the site and that always works but takes a lot of time. I've had this same issue with Wordpress installations as well via Fantastico Deluxe. So I'd be interested to hear what your host says.

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    Try this:

    Use FTP client, when you done connections go to: /.fantasticodata/WordPress
    an delete files from that file. Then try to install WP once again.
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    Hi Bruce

    I've had this error before, its it was caused by an existing "index.php" file in the destination directory.

    You can't have 2 files called index.php in the same directory, so if this is the case, you may need to install the wordpress code into a subdirectory, or remove all existing files from the root directory first and then try installing again..

    Hope this helps

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    Bruce to Bruce/Jason/ and others : You are basically RIGHT....they removed files that were duplicated in the directory. I admit I'm not sure which ones they deleted.

    The host (T35) is very responsive and we went back and forth with a few emails till they figured it out. Once I got hold of them it was solved fast, thankfully.

    I am starting to think it would be easier in the future to FTP Wp files rather than use Fantastico anyway, as I see alot of negative things about it.
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      Hey Bruce,

      This may not be helpful for you but I think I know what you are doing. When you want to delete WP files, like what I think you want to do, the best way to do it is to use "Fantastico", the same as you did for the install.

      Click through the way you would to install, if you have already something in your chosen directory it should show up below where you click to start a new install. About two or three pages into fantastico.

      I think it says to install into which directory, below that will be a list of directories that are already installed.

      I believe it will say next to the directory, view or delete this directory.
      Click on delete and its gone, a clean delete with nothing left over.

      That's the way I found I had to do it to remove everything. My instructions above are not perfect but looking closely while in Fantastico and doing a new install of wordpress you should see what I'm talking about.

      Glad you go it figured out, maybe this will help someone in the future.


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      Originally Posted by brucerby View Post

      I am starting to think it would be easier in the future to FTP Wp files rather than use Fantastico anyway, as I see alot of negative things about it.
      It's better to install WordPress manually. It just takes a moment longer but its worth the time (sometimes I'm to lazy if I just want to try sth. out)

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    Bruce, I believe you may have an issue with your data base which could be the reason your files are returning errors. You could try deleting the data base creating a new one and re-installing wp by going to [domain]/wp-admin/install.php

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