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I have been using zencart for a year or so now - or maybe just a little longer. Im having a little difficulty with some customization issues.

I wanted to have rounded sidebox headers and centrebox headers. However I didnt want to use images. So I found some code which would allow me to do this through css. The coding is called xsnazzy

I make changes to my test sites before I add them to my main site. My test site is - well its not actually my site anymore as it was sold with another site. I still hold it and test on the site.

Anyway. If you go to the website you will see that on the home page all of the sidebox and centrebox headers are rounded. When you click through to another page then you will see that there is an issue with the centreboxheadings.

I initially tried to add the centrebox changes to the tpl_main_page.php file but couldnt get it to work properly. So I decided to add them seperatly for the featured products - specials and new products.

I have used .CentreBoxHeading to define the style of the headings and this should apply for site wide as the rule is used for all centreboxheadings

if anyone knows how I can get this resolved then I will be very grateful.

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