My Page Only Works In Chrome - Javascript Problem?

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Hey guys,

A while ago I bought a $6 template for a "under construction" site. When opened in Chrome, I can see it perfectly, however, when I open it in Firefox, it's just a white blank page.

The site is - - Coming Soon!

When I look at the source code in Firefox I see this;

<div id="flashcontent"> <strong>You
need to upgrade your Flash Player</strong>
This is replaced by the Flash content. Place your alternate content
here and users without the Flash plugin or with Javascript turned off
will see this. Content here allows you to leave out <code>noscript</code>
tags. Include a link to <a
the detection</a> if you wish. </div>
Although, I don't know what that means.

Can you see it in Chrome and not in Firefox also? Any idea what's going on?

Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Pat,

    when I visit it returns a blank page.

    I found the problem..

    The script is looking for a file called under construction.swf, that doesn't it exist. It should be called under%20construction.swf

    Filenames for webpages can't have spaces in it..

    Open the script with say notepad (NOT MS WORD), and do a search and replace and find

    under construction.swf

    and replace it with


    I'm sure it will work for you now..

    Hope this helps you

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      Hi Bruce,

      Thanks for the response.

      Which file am I supposed to edit?

      I opened the swfobject.js in notepad but when using the find/replace feature there was no trace of under construction.swf

      There was, however, a trace of that in index.html file and I edited that to make it say under%20construction.swf

      Is that what I was supposed to do? I just re-uploaded it and it doesn't seem to be working in Firefox, still. Works fine in Chrome, though.
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    Hi Pat,

    This is my suggestions (2 cents worth) for making this work better.

    1. Remove the following line from the header of the file :

    [script type="text/javascript" src="swfobject.js" /]
    You will need to replace the square brackets with "angle brackets"

    2. In the main section of the page, insert

    [script type="text/javascript" src="swfobject.js"][/script]

    just before the line that says :

    [script type="text/javascript"]

    It should work better now..

    Hope this helps

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      It appears to be working in both Chrome and Firefox now.

      Thank's a lot for your help, Bruce!
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        No problems..

        Leave your money on the fridge on the way out

        Take care

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    It looks ok in all browsers. If you ever want to test your pages in multiple browsers and screen sizes check out Check Browser Compatibility, Cross Platform Browser Test - Browsershots note: it can take about 30 minutes dependent on how many different browsers you choose.

    cheatsheet & reports

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    IE has some other format.. so CSS needs to be updated.. check it out with professionals
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