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Hello all. I recently came up with a great idea for Coders and Graphic Artists to come together.
Anyways, I'm in the process of creating the website for this and I'd like to invite others.

Basically, it is a website for all coders and graphic artists to showcase their designs. The
designs will be rated accordingly. They will also receive a link to their website so people
interested in hiring them can visit their website.

It will also have two other features.

1. A place where you can upload your icons/logos/or templates to make income for those who buy your design.
You set the price accordingly. (We will list it free and we don't require a percentage of your earnings like
other sites)

2. Also, I will have a place where designers and coders can get together to create a new project. Basically what
happens is the designer submits the graphics for the coder and they will make the designer a website for them
to sell on the site. (They'll both receive 50% for their work if the template is sold)

Anyways, I am looking for a couple of people who would like to show their designs on there and I'll provide a link back.
Let me know or pm me. Will be posting the site up later tomorrow so you guys can look at it.
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    interesting idea but i do see a few issues perhaps.

    How can a coder show off a 'design'? they'd surely be showing off someone else's designs?

    Also if a graphic designer is submitting templates with no content there's not really a great deal to code and the end product would be slightly strange. No logo's or pictures etc..

    I can't help thinking there are tons of web template sites already and knowing coders and designers I don't know many that would spend time creating speculative templates working with practically no content.

    So it's a web designers/developers online portfolio site, and people can also either go through straight to their personal sites to commission them, or buy a pre done template from your site?
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