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Does anyone know of a way to insert a buy button below a video on a webpage after x amout of time - eg if a video runs for 3:30 can you have the buy button appear at the 3:20 mark below the video. How do you do this?


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    This is a good question. Hope you don't mind me posting in your thread Steve as I have a similar question and thought it'd be easier to post instead of clogging up WF with another/similar thread.

    I'm looking to have an image appear for a few seconds then disappear not to show up again, just for a few seconds when a site loads.

    I can do all the CSS stuff, but wondering if this is a flash issue/solution.

    Hope you (and I) find the solution. If I find something, I'll post here

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    this was asked before and fellow warrior Aaron Dwyer posted this:
    How to Delay a Buy Button or Link from Showing on a Webpage | Web Smart Central
    Check it out

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    Thanks antipot, worked perfectly! Let's just hope old browsers behave! lol

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      Thanks antipot - that is exactly what I was looking for.
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