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Hey WF,

Does anyone know how I can get rid of or best optimize the following:

''Category: Uncategorized / Tags: no tag / Add Comment / Edit''

I don't want to get rid of the ''Add Comment / Edit'', and I'm not sure about the Tags. But I think I should definitely get rid of the Category, as this is a small mini-site without categories.

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    Just have one category. - Your minisite's main keyword. Every post you make will be in this category.

    you can disable comments in the dashboard.

    Use the tags for your main keywords.

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    You can do this in your wordpress admin. Go to the theme editor and click on Page.php and Index.php. Look for the categories link next to the add comment and edit links. Delete the categories bit and save and refresh your page.

    Make sure you backup your site theme files before you do this in case you mess it up. Or instead of delete use cut instead. If you mess up you can always paste it back in to fix it.

    I learnt Wordpress by cut/paste trial and error.


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