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So this is something I should probably know, but I can't seem to remember how to go about it. Simply put - if I create another directory (ex. - thisismysite.com/newdirectory), is there a way to use the Pages section in wordpress to add linking to that second page?

To be more specific, I want to setup a forum. Wordpress is in my root directory and, thus, the forum will be in a subdirectory. So let's say I create this under the obvious choice of .com/forum - would I be able to somehow link to that in my homepage (wordpress) navigation bar?

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    I think I've figured out the solution...

    Would creating the page within wordpress itself (this would get it on the theme's nav bar) and then matching the slug to the directory it's installed in, work?

    Or would this be seen as trying to put two different things in the same directory and conflict?

    - Mike
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    One simple solution would be inserting a static link linking to your forum. You could edit the code directly through wordpress. It could either be in your sidebar.php or header.php depending on where your navigation is placed.
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    I'm not able to take a look at the moment. Any idea what the line of code would look like? I would think it would be sort of the same as coding a link to appear as text with that ahref=blahblahblah format. But that's HTML, not PHP.
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    ^ What he/she said, unless you don't wanna play around with any code at all, then you can use a simple plugin like this that will allow you to create a page like you normally would, except assign a link/url to it from your Wordpress admin:

    WordPress › Page Links To WordPress Plugins
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