How to add Video Walk on to web site???

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Hello Warriors.

Have you seen those websites that have a person walk on the screen from the side and then talk to you?

I need to know how this is done.

What I am talking about is a person walks on, the background of the video is transparent behind them so you can see the web page around them and then they make a presentation to you. You can still see the entire web page while this is going on.

I would like to do this WITHOUT a third party service if possible. We can code and we can shoot video... So want to learn this extra technique.

Any ideas?

As an example, look at Yes they are a service that provides what I am talking about... I want to bring this in house and not use them. I have seen this on other sites that are not using them, so I know it can be done.

Have a Great Day!
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    you mean like:

    Medical Tourism - Medical Travel Company - Affordable Surgery

    (it's some what annoying , but hey)

    This is how it's done: (professional video studio will help you with this)

    Recorded in front of green screen.
    Green is replaced with 100% white
    Converted to flash.
    Placed over white background.

    If you record on "white" background it is not going to be 100% white.

    IT has to be replaced digital color. The best color to replace is cinema-green.



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    You need a decent chroma-key setup, the space to
    shoot, and the right lights to get rid of the shadows.

    You key out the background, render it to flash with a
    transparency, and use a Transparent Player to
    float the video in a DHTML layer on top of your page.

    The tricky part is getting the chroma-key shot right. The
    lighting is pretty important. There are a couple of little
    twists to the process I won't reveal on a public forum,
    because I make these videos for clients, but with your
    own chroma-key studio it's all very do-able.
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    I found these guys for dirt cheap. Might be worth it just to hire one of them:


    - google them - i dont' have 15 posts yet and can't put the link in...
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    You can use the embed code to post in any page of your site.
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    do you mean talking heads?

    try this course



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    I found a few gigs on Fiverr to do this on a white background and green screen (talk about cheap!)

    Ant ideas on how to convert the video background to transparent?

    Also wondering how I'd choose the position it appears on the web page (top left, bottom right etc.)

    EDIT: Camtasia makes it easy to erase the green screen.

    EDIT Part 2: Aahh good old Google...
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    Check out if you haven't already.

    They have free videos to use that are great for examples.

    Slap one on somebody's website & then do a screen capture of the preview there to show folks.

    As for unique videos, if you have Camtasia it's easy to remove a green screen, & easy to find green screen actors on Fiverr.

    The free version of Any Video Converter works great too if you need to change video file formats.
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    hi to do this kind of video the easy way buy white translucent cloth enough to cover full backround get a few old lamps good energy saver light bulbs then you have your studio simple allcool

    always best to use the brain everyone wonders why kids get the school photos done.

    no im not a guru and yes i do have my own studio he he he he

    lights- cam- action
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