Help I Want To Build My Membership Site but Do Not Know PHP/MYSQL DATABASE

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Hi I am trying to figure out how to just setup my first Database all i need is someone to give me a quick advantage on how to do it so i can Implement it into my next one and the one after that?

PHP Wow I love the thang but I also hate it because i can not figure out how to setup for me to upload my .php pages into my "GoDaddy" area so if anyone out there that knows or uses godaddy then please tell me how to do this??

I know it is something with the .htaccess and my sql basically I need someone to tell me how to build my first SQL DATABASE like does it matter what name you give it as a login name or password well if you used go daddy and there MYSQL + PHP THEN HELP ME PLEASE!

Chris Cassandro-
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    Hi Skill, Don;t know if I will be much help here as I host with hostgator and not godaddy. But there is an area in your control panel to set up the mysql database. I should think godaddy would have the same set up in their control panel. Sorry if this isn't helping.
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    Hey, I use Godaddy, you can use any name for your Mysql database names. To upload php pages, you just upload with an ftp to your hosting account just like other files. Godaddy has a huge help section too, you may want to check that out. The Godaddy connections site has php apps you can upload with one click. These apps install with the Mysql already named and written for you. Hope that helps.
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      Hi Chris,

      I have a couple of questions to help clarify your issue for me:

      1.) Are you using a pre-built application to build your membership site or are you trying to code this from scratch?

      2.) Have you looked at any of the online documentation or training offered?
      MySQL Documentation
      PHP Documentation

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    In your cpanel (I *think* hostgator has cpanel don't they?) backend, you should see an option called "database wizard". I think this would be the easiest method for you to use.. it will walk you through step by step in first setting up your database by prompting you to assign it a name, then it will take you through setting up a user account for your database along with a password, then finally it will give you a screen in which you can assign the permissions for that user to have for the database (i would imagine you would want to grant full access in this case).

    Then for whatever script you are using, you will fill in the database values in whatever happens to be that program's configuration script.

    That's a generic overview anyway. If you had a bit more specific details (what script or what error messages you get etc) it might help people in answering your question a bit better.
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