Why does everyone use WordPress?

by dpavid
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I'm probably going to start a fight. Why does everyone use WordPress? I have been a huge Drupal user for the past 4 years. Prior to that was Joomla, then post-nuke, and first php-nuke.

I never bothered to learn WordPress but it seems everyone embraces it. I'm sure I'm missing out on something. What is it?
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    I used to be anti-wordpress just due to the hassle to find a template that worked for me but now I am becoming more and more attracted to this format as it offers so many plugins that allows you to do so many things very quickly. The more developers create these plugins then the more this becomes the number 1 choice. No need to waste time building your own site as its all plug and play.
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  • I agree with all your comments but the thing to remember is Google loves Wordpress and since we have all be sold on the "dominate Google" ad's blasted all over the place, WP becomes the website platform of choice.

    Having said that, WP has definitely improved and has become a viable design platform although it still has its quirks.
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      Word press has made the installation process on set up very simple in cpanel. and with everyone making videos to walk you through any problem areas you don't find yourself stuck trying to figures something out. The big plus as stated by someone earlier is that google ranks wordpress sites well. The wide variety of templates that can be changed relatively easy also makes it popular. Just My 2 cents :-)
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    You could practically rename this forum to "The Wordpress Forum" but I don't care for it myself. Load time and security are concerns for me.

    Also now that Google is taking page load time into account in PR, that might slow down its appreciation for WP. Everything changes.

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    Ease of use, simplicity, speed of deployment.

    You can crank out a site for clients to use in an hour or two. Drupal's good, but takes more time to configure properly and isn't quite as easy to use for clients. Joomla's far too complex for most clients to use. Frankly, they get put off by it, and that ends up being more work for me.

    It boils down to happier customers with fewer support calls = more money in my pocket.

    Yeah, another WP ho, that's me.
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    thats true i am 100% agree with you, most of the people using wordpress and joomla platform rather then both there are so many platform as you told some of these.
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      I think everything I was gonna say has pretty much been covered already. I used to use wordpress alot (before the introduction of widgets) and much prefer it's ease over the learning curce of cms systems.
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  • Most people use Wordpress because it is simple to understand, easy to use, quick to setup, widely supported, has a plugin for just about anything, and is loved by the search engines.
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    I started making sites hand coded in HTML then i jumped directly on Wordpress and have not looked back ever.

    No Joomla, No Drupal, No name-your-cms-here

    You can find a wp theme for almost any niche you want.

    Wordpress is not slow neither does it lacks the security features. Its the plugins and themes that you use have buggy code which open your site to exploits.

    You make a site for client in Wordpress and even if the clients has not seen wordpress ever before he will still find it far easier to use than Joomla or Drupal.

    Google Loves Wordpress. Period
    They have even said that:

    Check the video here :
    WordCamp SF: Google & What You Need to Know WordPress Publisher Blog

    You can customize each and every part of wordpress and there's a huge community backing it.

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    Yes, making a new wordpress site is fast and easy compared to the html days, been there done that. Give me wordpress anyday.

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      -Easy to set-up.
      -Google friendly.
      -Lot of themes and widgets.
      -A huge community around.
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        Originally Posted by Wechito View Post

        -Easy to set-up.
        -Google friendly.
        -Lot of themes and widgets.
        -A huge community around.
        This is a big one for me .. but it also puts a bigger target on it's back when a hacker tries to create malicious code for something. Highly used product = more hits/infections.
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  • i created a website with drupal and searched for plugins. when i finished everything, i saw that there were 25 plugins in modules folder. but i use only 2 plugins for a wp site(sitemap and akismet).

    creating a wp theme is easier than drupal theme.
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      I believe that most Warriors use WordPress because they don't know any better.


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    I know how to hand code and was very resistant to WP for a long time. I tried it for a minor site last year to see what everyone was raving about....and I'll never go back to regular sites again. With a good template and a few plugins I can pop out a site in much less time than I ever could before.
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    I think it's all about theming. People may think that search engines love Wordpress, but search engines really just like content. Wordpress is designed to deliver content. If you use it at all how it's supposed to be used, the search engines will like it at least a bit. I feel that people truly use Wordpress because of all the readily available templates for it. There are TONS of them. People like that in any software.

    I could be completely wrong, though. It's just my opinion.
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    Maybe it's all about popularity. There's a huge amount of resources available relating to wordpress- from plugins to themes. It's pretty hard not to get carried away with the trend. And wordpress is really easy to use, easy to customize as well.

    I do however prefer making things as simple as possible, html and php sites are well suited for majority of my needs.
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    Since Wordpress is talked about all the time it is only natural that someone interested in starting a blog would flock also to wordpress. It also receives praise for being easy to use and having so many plugins readily available to do just about anything.
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    why it is so popular because it is light in weight then phpnuke, and is a web 2.0 cms, phpnuke is a old cms and i dont think its consider web 2.0 , there are many reasons why people use wordpress one common reason is that its very easy.
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    WP is easy to learn and use.Many of the themes based on wordpress and PPl love to use them.It rocks to use and used by most of them.
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    Word press is also based on PHP. And Word press has been created with a great options features. you can easily manage your Content, You can create your own blog. I am a big fan of Word press. I am using Word press blogs from many years. Its all depend on your requirements you are required from the particular CMS.
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