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Hi guys,
surfing a lot of websites, I see that a lot of them have a very similar design, and I like it. For example


what cms are they using?

thank you in advance
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    Whilst I am not sure what exact type of CMS they are running I have seen a theme that is pretty much that style and was run with Joomla, that is where I would start looking if you are attempting to get similar results.

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      This is also acheivable with wordpress.

      Best regards,

      Andre Foisy
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    Or it could be built from scratch. The way ?1233432 numbers are appended to the request for scripts and CSS requests looks familiar (in the code of your first example), but I couldn't associate it with any one CMS.

    The second one definitely looks like a custom job, or a proprietary CMS. Don't assume that a site uses a free public CMS just because it is shiny.
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      hi guys and thanks for your answers

      I see that a lot of websites are using the same style, it's a strange thing. Today I visited some sites, and I still see the same style....specially in the pricing page.For this reason I though it was a CMS
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    the CMS is, it's possible to make it pretty much invisible from the front end. Your best bet if you really want to know is asking them. At the expense of challenging the question, though: why? If you're just curious, that's fine, but there's not really anything about this site that makes me think there's something special about the CMS behind it that makes it particularly suitable for that purpose. Any decent system could turn this out for you. It's generally more a matter of being familiar with your tool than the tool itself.

    As for the script, if you view source on the home page, do a search for "fe_total" and you'll find a chunk of Javascript with a few functions in it that are responsible for the tab thing about halfway down the page. (I don't see anything that actually "scrolls" so I'm guessing that's what you mean.) It looks custom to me, as a search for those function names doesn't turn much of anything up, and fairly tied to that specific usage.
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      I'm just curious beacuse I like the style..but like someone of you already said, we can do the same with worpdress or another Cms

      another similar pricing page

      and there are a lot more then these

      anyway..thanks for your answers
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    one more
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    Basecamp is built in Ruby on Rails. In fact it is built by the people who CREATED Ruby on Rails. Pretty well known...
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    You can check out some opensource CMS online or visit them at
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    BigCommerce is available from Interspire. It's can be set up as BigCommerce or white labeled and installed for your own clients. If you sign up I believe you get a 25% monthly commission.

    Details of their partner program is available here - Interspire Partner Program


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    I am not sure about this CMS but I think they have used Joomla. As it is the open source solution that is freely available to all. Also it allows to build web sites and other good online applications.
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