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    I think it looks very nice. I like the color scheme and I can find my way around easily. It loaded nice and fast, too.

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  • I still think you need something in your header which explains what the information on your website is about.

    Otherwise it looks good.
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    nice site, the kerning on the logo text is a bit off.
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    Nice layout, but i suggest you to put something more in your footer, put some more details and options there. Rest is Fine just add content more and more Good luck

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    very nice site and the forum too. I would like to join.
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    Impressive, I would try and use the more fluorescent green (from the logo in the header) and incorporate that throughout the website rather than the other greens, only a minor criticism of an otherwise classy and clean forum.
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    Ah. Very good. Page simple layout rigorous.
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    I'd add a softer sand color background, something more organic and maybe textured.
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    I think the colours all fit in well together, perhaps when I enter a category, the stickied threads should be in bold? They would certainly stand out more and it would seperate the category up a bit to be easier on the eyes
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    I like your forum site. I can't see anything there that looks like it needs changing and the color scheme looks good to me.
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    Nice site. Good layout etc. Would maybe think about using a different font. Seems 'run of the mill'
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    Simple, fast and easy going for all ages. Nice work.
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    Good color scheme, simply and elegant, nice job!
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  • I don't have any suggestions but I wanted to add that I really like the header banner of the photos of the kids. Its laid out very nice.
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    im not a fan, im sorry but just being honest
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    i like it, you see alot of sites these days that try too hard and you lose what the site is about... good job
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    I think it looks great. I like the colors, the layout and how easy it is to navigate.

    Real nice over all
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    Good color scheme, simply and elegant, nice job!
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    I would have you need to modify the colors. The top menu color is not catchy to the eyes.

    I also agree you need to write at least one slogan sentence that explain for visitor what is the forum is about. Visitors don't like to spend a lot of time figuring it out. If it is not there, they just will move on.
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    Wow! It's very nice. Honestly you guys are doing great job; Definitely I'll be interested to become a member.
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    My only thoughts are to beef up the header graphic a little, as in make it a bit higher. It just look a little short to my eye.

    I like the colour scheme...it look "Worldy"
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    Decent colours , Clear instructions

    Good Work
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    Its good for me -nice and simple layout .Keep it up Good luck..
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    The layout is nice. Being on the white background the site looks neat and clean and the color combination is also good. A good and nice looking banner will also add to the site.
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    Very Nicely Done! I think its very simple with a nice color scheme!
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